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Daniel Burrus

  • Technology Forecaster
  • Science and Technology Change Consultant
  • Author of 6 books
  • Worldwide Professional Speaker
  • Futureview: A Look Ahead
  • Technotrends®: Using Technology to Go Beyond Your Competition
  • Technotstrategies®: Creating and Sustaining Strategic Advantage
  • Unlocking Technology's Promise
Daniel Burrus is one of the world’s leading technology forecasters, and is the founder and CEO of Burrus Research Associates, Inc., a research and consulting firm that specializes in global innovations in science and technology, their creative application and future impact.  The New York Times has referred to him as one of America’s top three business “gurus” in the highest demand as a speaker.  He has delivered over 2,000 keynote speeches to corporations, associations, and professional organizations worldwide.

Powerful New Trends
and Strategies
To Turn Rapid Change
into Competitive Advantage...

from leading technology forecaster
and business strategist,
Daniel Burrus

Over the past two decades, Daniel Burrus has established a worldwide reputation for his exceptional record of accurately predicting the future of technological change.  He has helped hundreds of clients develop successful competitive strategies based on the creative application of leading-edge technologies. 

Mr. Burrus’ client list includes a wide range of industries, including many Fortune 500 companies such as GE, IBM, Oracle, DuPont, Bell Atlantic, Toshiba, Bank One, American Express, Arthur Andersen, Exxon, and Sara Lee.

He produces a variety of technology publications, including the Technotrends® Newsletter, and is the author of six books including the highly acclaimed book Technotrends, which has been translated into over a dozen languages.

His interest in research became apparent in his third year of college when he became one of the first undergraduates in the nation to direct a federal research grant.   He has founded and managed five businesses in a variety of fields, and as a highly successful entrepreneur he knows how to translate research findings into practical business advantages.

He has appeared on programs such as Larry King, PBS, CNNfn, and Bloomberg and is quoted in a variety of publications including Fortune and Industry Week.

In his presentations, Mr. Daniel Burrus blends timely and provocative information with just the right amount of humor and motivation to help his audiences understand how to make a rapidly changing business environment a competitive advantage by getting all members of an organization involved in creatively utilizing the new tools of technology. 

A “Partial List” of Predictions
by Daniel Burrus:

Prediction Date
1983 The digital revolution of the 1990s
1983 Identified fiberoptics as the broadband medium of choice
1983 Technology would increasingly be the main driver of future economic growth and value creation
1984 Sequencing of the human gene code by the end of the century
1984 All PC’s will use an icon (Windows) interface by 1990. 
1985 Interactive television (Web TV)
1986 Client server technology and groupware
1988 Business use of the Internet
1993 On-line bookstores
1994 The Web will spawn the biggest revolution of our lifetime
Daniel Burrus's mission is to help people of all ages learn to understand and profit from technological change, and to become excited and involved in building a better tomorrow by discovering creative uses for the new tools of technology.
Futureview®: A Look Ahead
  • "You cannot stop change, but you can shape it to your advantage."
    Innovations in science and technology continue to provide us with "new tools" that will greatly increase our productivity and efficiency in all areas. Knowing what these tools are, and how to creatively apply them, is vital to maintaining your competitive edge. In this forward-thinking presentation, Daniel Burrus will offer valuable insights into present and future opportunities that are made possible by rapid advances in technology. You will hear solid evidence supporting the view that change is opportunity as you learn how to strategically position your organization to thrive in a shifting technological and economic climate.
Using Technology to Go Beyond Your Competition
  • "When a new technology satisfies a major social need, a revolution is created."
    Technology is continually changing the rules of competition, rendering many traditional business strategies and processes obsolete. Identifying and understanding the challenges and opportunities that new technologies create has become a key business imperative. In this eye-opening presentation, Daniel Burrus identifies specific technologies that will directly impact you and your industry. He will demonstrate how they can be used to generate strategic value by transforming products, services, and markets, as well as your customers. You will learn how to anticipate the future of technological change and turn a rapidly changing business environment into a competitive advantage.
Creating and Sustaining Strategic Advantage
  • "Changing times means changing strategies."
    E-Business technologies are transforming every relationship that matters to your organization, helping you build an enterprise of unprecedented agility and responsiveness. But just as technology is undergoing a revolution, the rules that govern those who use it in their business are also being redefined. As we create organizations that can respond rapidly to change, we tend to react to change rather than anticipate it. In this empowering presentation, Daniel Burrus will share powerful strategies for creatively applying technology to drive growth as you develop new products, services and customer experiences that will propel you far ahead of the competition -- and help you to stay there!
Unlocking Technology's Promise
"Technology has the power to alter reality. It lets you make the impossible possible."
An overwhelming majority of hardware and software manufacturers agree that, in general, their customers are dramatically under-utilizing the tools they already own. Is it any wonder that many are beginning to question whether technology will ever live up to their expectations? As we strive to maintain a competitive edge, it's important to understand that technology is only one component of the equation for success. In this powerful presentation, Daniel Burrus will share valuable strategies for integrating strategy, technology and people to maximize your technology investment. Creatively applying new tools, as well as the tools you already have in place, can unlock opportunities and provide new competitive advantage.
Note:  for audiences that are not technically oriented, meeting planners may want to use the word Futureview® instead of Technotrends® in the main title.

Link to Daniel Burrus's Website

"A must-hear presentation!"

Steven Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft

"You were among the best of the keynote speakers that we have offered. Pretty high praise considering that past keynoters have included Tom Peters, John Naisbitt and Carl Sagan."

Keith T. Davidson, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Xplor International


"Of all the luminaries who have taken stage from General Colin Powell and Coach Lou Holtz, to President Gerald Ford and NBC Anchor Tom Brokaw, only one has been invited back, Daniel Burrus. Going back over a decade, Burrus still holds the best rating for presentation relevance and value to our members."

Lance Humphries
Managing Director

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