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Marvin Cetron

Marvin Cetron

  • Futurist:  Forecasting International
  • U.S. Navy: Intelligence Expert, Forecasting & Planning
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Author:  Articles, Publications, Books
  • Professional Speaker
  • Encountering the Future: The Impact of Tomorrow’s Technology
  • American Renaissance: Our Life after the Turn of the 21st Century
Dr. Cetron has been identified as one of the nation's foremost futurists in the cover story, "The Next 50 Years" in the 50th Anniversary issue of U.S. News & World Report. He was selected by the Institute of Industrial Engineers as one of the top10 Industrial Engineers in the U.S. and has been featured in countless magazines and newspapers. He has appeared regularly on every major television network, including Today, Good Morning America, CBS Morning News, CNN Newsmaker Sunday, Crossfire and Larry King Live shows.

Dr. Cetron is the founder and president of Forecasting International and is one of the foremost forecaster-futurists in the world. As a pioneer in corporate, industry, demographic and lifestyle forecasting, he has structured Forecasting International to provide industry and government with the benefits and insights of an international group of experts in the fields of management techniques; technological forecasting; corporate strategic planning; technology assessment; R & D planning; project selections; resource allocation; economics; marketing; and the behavioral sciences.

An ABCNEWS investigation of the failure of intelligence on Sept. 11 has found a trail of missed signals, missed opportunities, and warnings ignored.

Cetron said he warned the Pentagon that two events earlier that year — the crash-landing of a small airplane at the White House by an apparently unstable man, and French authorities' storming of a hijacked airliner that Algerian terrorists had planned to fly into the Eiffel Tower — made an airborne terrorist attack on the United States a very real possibility. "We knew that was going happen and we were scared," he told ABCNEWS.

But Cetron said Pentagon officials told him to delete the warning from the report. "I said, 'It's unclassified, everything is available,' and they said, 'We don't want it released because you can't handle a crisis before it becomes a crisis, and no one is going to believe it anyhow,' " Cetron said. Even with the warnings of an airborne attack deleted, the report was not released to the public.

Marvin Cetron has authored numerous articles, papers and publications. He has authored three dozen books. His most popular books are: Encounters with the Future: A Forecast of Life into the 21st Century; Jobs of the Future; The 500 Best Jobs - Where they are and How to Get Them; Schools of the Future: How American Business and Education Can Cooperate to Save Our Schools; The Future of American Business; The U.S. in World Competition, The Great Job Shake-Out: How to Find a New Career after the Crash; American Renaissance: Our Life at the Turn of the 21st Century; Educational Renaissance: How to Improve Our Schools by the Turn of the 21st Century; Crystal Globe: The Have and Have Not Nations in the New World Order and 2 books soon to be released: Terror 2000 and Encountering the Future: The Impact of Tomorrows Technology.

During his 20 year career in research and development planning and forecasting with the U.S. Navy, Dr. Marvin Cetron was in charge of the design, development, and implementation of the most comprehensive technological forecast in the United States. In his extensive experience with government agencies, foreign governments, and industry, Dr. Cetron has been a consultant to more than 150 firms including Apple Computer, B&W Tobacco, Control Data Corporation, First National City Bank, General Motors, GTE, IBM, and Xerox. He has also advised the European Community, the Brazilian Ministry of Planning, the Kenyan Ministry of Finance, and the Indonesian Ministry of Economics.


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