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Hope Mihalap

  • Author
  • American Humorist
  • International Speaker
  • Where There's Hope, There's Laughter
  • Play It By Ear
  • Using Your Uncommon Senses
  • Swimming Through the Melting Pot
  • Care for the Caregiver
  • Motherhood and Career: Memories from the Disaster Zone
Hope Mihalap - The "Erma Bomback" of speakers - is a chronicler of people, a seer of all things funny and an interpreter of life's most poignant moments.   Humor truly is the universal cure-all, and no one delivers it more dependably than Hope.

It’s time to sit back, relax and take your medicine. Laughter, as we all know, is the world’s best medicine and Hope Mihalap is a national award-winning humorist. She is also a writer, public radio host and the voice behind hundreds of radio and TV commercials. She also has a name that even she can’t pronounce.

Hope’s late husband was a professor of Russian, and between them they spoke seven languages. He spoke six of them. Their three children live all over the world, have big appetites and even bigger senses of humor.

By laughing at herself, she reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously.

Hope Mihalap is an award-winning humorist with an ear for accents and a warm message on good communication. Her humor and insights come from her background as a Greek-American married to a Russian, as well as from her experience as private secretary to Sir Rudolf Bing, temperamental general manager of the Metropolitan Opera.

She holds two of the most prestigious speaking awards in the world—the Mark Twain Award for Humor, received also by such artists as Bob Hope, Danny Kaye, Phyllis Diller and Erma Bombeck and the Speaker Hall of Fame Award from the National Speakers Association—the Oscar of the speaking profession.

Hope speaks throughout the United States and in foreign countries as a keynote presenter and humorous entertainer, known for her particular brand of clean and intelligent wit and satire. She is also a featured lecturer/entertainer on the prestigious Crystal Cruises ships.

Her humorous autobiography, Where There’s Hope, has been critically acclaimed and excerpted in national magazines. She speaks fluent English, Greek, French and Italian.

Internationally recognized American humorist Hope Mihalap delivers timeless messages about human nature.  From keynote speeches to workshops, where there's laughter, there's Hope.

  • While enchanting audiences with her storytelling, Hope Mihalap conveys valuable lessons in effective communication and relationships.  Her instructional programs, like "Play it by Ear" and "Using Your Uncommon Senses" capture the essence and humor of communication.
Workplace Wisdom:
  • From customer service woes with a New York saleswoman to a commercial hotel owner in rural North Carolina, Hope will entrance you with tales from the trenches as a person of great perception.  Her hilarious stories, complete with authentic accents, point out the best and worst of the world at work.
  • Hope Mihalap's background is like the alphabet soup of diversity.  With a Greek heritage, southern upbringing and Russian marriage, you could say she has a Doctorate of Diversity.  In "Swimming Through the Melting Pot," Hope speaks with authority about global cultural diversity.
  • Take the edge off stress with honest, old-fashioned belly laughs.  audiences instantly connect with Hope's genuine approach to the ups and downs of life.  Her experience and acute observations cover topics such as "Motherhood and Career: Memories from the Disaster Zone," and "Care for the Caregiver," to name a few.

Life comes in a series of challenges and our attitude determines whether we find it hard or rewarding.  Hope's unique perspective and sense of humor are an example to us all. 

"You are a tremendously funny lady and, in my opinion, are among the top tier of American professional speakers today ... When a member of the board of directors of one of our banks came up and told you he'd pay to hear you speak again, well ... that was too much for me!"

T. Wayne Kirwan
Vice President
Maryland Bankers Association

"Your presentation at our annual luncheon surpassed all of our expectations.  You were the perfect choice for our audience.  People are still talking about your speech, your stories and your accents.  On a personal note, you were so easy to work with, so at ease, and so self-sufficient."

Catherine Collins
Women's Council of Realtors


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