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Ralph Showers

  • Founder: Rainbow Acres Ranch for Mentally Handicapped Adults
  • Author
  • Professional Speaker
Ralph Showers left the pastoral ministry in May of 1973 to pursue a lifelong dream of starting a facility for handicapped people. On October 23, 1973, Ralph was moving a small feed barn from Camp Verde, Arizona, to the edge of town where the ranch was located. While riding atop the barn and moving telephone wires, so they wouldn't obstruct the transport, he backed into a low-hanging power line carrying 7,200 volts of electricity. This accident necessitated the amputation of both of his hands and both forearms. In spite of this accident (or perhaps because of this accident), Ralph's dream became a reality.... On June 1, 1974, with the help of supporters that appeared to be coming out of the woodwork, Rainbow Acres ranch for mentally handicapped adults opened its doors.

Ralph continued his involvement with Rainbow Acres through December 1995, serving not just as 'Founder', but also as 'President and Director of Fund Development and Public Relations'. Ralph has also been instrumental in starting many similar facilities across the United States and in foreign countries.

Ralph has written four books. One simply titled "Rainbow Acres", is the story of his life, the accident where Dr. Showers lost his hands and forearms, and the beginning of Rainbow Acres. The second is called "TLC for MRA (Total Life Concept for Mentally Retarded Adults)". His third book, "Reach for a Rainbow", is the story of the building of Rainbow Acres. The fourth book, "Pickin' Rainbows", tells about the building of Sunburst Farm, Starlite Cattle Co. and Rainbow's American Dream.

Ralph Edwards, host of "This is Your Life" television show, surprised Ralph Showers with his life showcased on NBC. U.S. News and World Report, did a write-up about Rainbow Acres entitled " New Doors Open for America's Retarded". This was followed by an article in Reader's Digest, and another article in People Magazine. Dr. Showers was honored by the Arizona State University Alumni Association for "professional excellence" as Alumnus of the Year. Ralph was given the Sammy Award by the Samaritan Health Service organization and the Samaritan Medical Foundation.

Ralph has brought stirring messages of life, faith and triumph to hundreds of thousands of people all over the United States. He took part in a very successful preaching and lecturing tour to the Soviet Union. Ralph traveled to Japan for a similar tour and to share the Rainbow Acres program with the Japanese people.  In 1998, Ralph and his wife Marilyn have also traveled to Uganda, East Africa to share messages of hope to children in Seguku, Uganda.

Ralph Showers will make a positive difference whether your next meeting is spiritual or secular!

  • How to Reach Your Goal (secular presentation)
  • Alternative Goal Planning (secular presentation)
  • How to Compensate for What We Lack in Ability (1/2 day, either secular or spiritual)
  • You are a Person of Value and Worth (spiritual or secular)
  • So We're Different (secular or spiritual or handicapped)
  • Starting Residential Communities for Developmentally Disabled (both secular or spiritual)
  • God Doesn't Make Junk! He Made You (spiritual)
  • God Created You for a Reason (spiritual)
  • Renewal Weekend (spiritual)
  • A two-day seminar on "The Christian Center Church" (spiritual)
  • A Bag Full of Gifts (sermon)
  • I Believe in Miracles (sermon)
"It gives me great pleasure to commend you on the wonderful work you are doing. . . . You have my great admiration and I want to wish you continued success in your efforts as you enrich the lives of your fellowmen."

Ronald Reagan, President
White House
United States of America


"Dr. Showers, there is a ton of research done on the unparalleled "healing" benefit that comes with humor, joy and laughter. There was certainly no shortage of that in the time spent with you! It is our sincere hope that you will make yourself available at our next conference."

Raymond Mullen, Counselor
The Salvation Army
Adult Rehabilitation Center

"The students at the high school were amazed at your speech and there was just a positive outlook on everyone for the rest of the morning. Your speech opened a door and showed them that people with disabilities, a low IQ, or low self-esteem given to them by people who think they are worthless, can in fact succeed. We were all really impressed with the goals you set and your will to succeed."

Jennifer Harrison
 Union High School


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