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Sue Thomas, Deaf since age 18, gives a sound performance with standing ovations

Sue Thomas

  • Deaf since the age of 18 months
  • Author
  • Piano Player
  • Professional Speaker
  • Undercover FBI Surveillance


  • Silent Night
  • "3 R's"
  • Dog Days
  • Read My Lips
Sue Thomas has been profoundly deaf since the age of 18 months but with humor and stories has become one of America's favorite professional speakers.  From her world of silence comes the ability to break the sound barrier with her audiences everywhere.

Born in Ohio, Sue Thomas has her degree in International Relations and has done post graduate work in Counseling.  Her deafness could not withhold the beauty of music as she studied and enjoys playing classical piano.

Her professional work includes working for the F.B.I. in Washington, D.C. in which she did classified surveillance work, using her lip reading ability.  She has authored her best selling autobiography, Silent Night, and is currently completing a second book.

Silent Night:
  • Sue Thomas takes you on her odyssey of learning to speak, unbearable ridicule, and personal turmoil including championship skating.  She includes her F.B.I. undercover surveillance work.
3 R's
  • There's no reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic in this school.  It's life and deals with the big "C" word -- Communication.  Discover how we all struggle with this essential tool of life.
Dog Days
  • From the Pound to the Hyatt is the remarkable journey of a golden retriever named Levi.  Talk about transforming audiences with laughter, love and goodwill!  Levi's live appearance will capture the heart and soul of your group.
Read My Lips
  • No, it's not former President Bush but Sue Thomas at her best.  Truly an effective time for communication.  Learn to listen with more than your ears.
"We went to hear her speak before an audience of several hundred people.  We were spellbound, as was the entire audience."

Seymour M. Friedman
Senior Vice President
Columbia Pictures Television

"Your story sure filled the bill and was delivered in great style.  I've had many letters praising you and all of the evaluation forms gave you highest marks.  You are a tremendous speaker!"

Daniel W. Cole, P.I.D.
General Chairman
USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum


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