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Ahlrichs, Karl


Karl Ahlrichs is an observer!

Alston, Harvey Changing the world with HEART
Ambler, Aldonna The Business Growth Strategist
Amos, Wally "Famous Amos Cookies"
Andrews, Andy Comedian & "Entertainer of the Year"
Austin, Emory Creative, practical ideas increase leadership skills & profit.
Bean, Alan Apollo 12 Astronaut was 4th. to walk on moon!
Bearden, Jim How well does your organization manage change?
Beauchamp, Luther Laughter's Chief Counsel
Bechtol, T "Bubba" Humorist / Member of Grand Ole Opry
Bergdahl, Michael Turnaround Specialist: American Eagle, Wal-Mart, Pepsico, Waste Management
Bethel, Sheila Murray Change, Leadership, Personal Excellence.
Blanchard, Kenneth "One Minute Manager"
Bleier, Rocky NFL Pittsburgh Steeler subject of "Fighting Back"
Blohowiak, Don
Blumenthal, Ira Considered a modern day business "Renaissance Man." 
Bolton, Kim The heart of a psalmist as a singer / speaker of Christian music
Brock, Terry Computers, technology and the digital frontier.
Booher, Diane
Brogan, Steve "Comic Ventriloquist" and  versatile entertainer
Brooks, Bobby Proven Strategies for Creating Engaging Learning Experiences
Broome, Michael Leadership (business & personal) development with laughter and enthusiasm
Brown Jr., John Y Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kentucky Governor, Entrepreneur
Browning, David "The Mayberry Deputy"
Buxman, Karyn Motivation, customer service, and self-esteem humorist.
Calloway, Joe One of the best!  Heart and soul of a winning team!
Canfield, Jack
Carlson, Richard
Cathcart, Jim
Cavanaugh, Tim
Chase, Larry First Internet On-Line Marketing Newsletter - WDFM
Clark, Dan
Clark, Susan
Clements, Dr. Zacharie
Coey, Nancy The contagious gift of joy!
Coffee, Gerald Beyond Survival, POW in the Communist prisons of North Vietnam for 7 years.
Cornwell, Art "ChangeMastery" to "Wolves" - business topics for growth
Cox, Danny
Crawford, Byron Storyteller from both the back roads & the side roads.
Crawford, Roger Creating the champion within using the power of resilience.
Crier, Catherine
Crim, Mort Time to hear good news about ourselves and our world!
Crudele, John
Cutler, Alan The Secrets of Being a Winner.
DeKalb Smith, Kay The "Carol Burnett of Christian Entertainment"
Dorsey, Jason Crossing the Generational Divide: Reaching Gen Y
Doud, Guy
Dupree, Dr. Tina "The Chicken Lady"
Eichelberger, Chip Inspiring team, mission, momentum, unleash performance
Emmerich, Roxanne Teach, train, and motivate your employees to achieve peak performance
Evans, Gail Vast career from the White House to Executive VP of CNN
Evans, Troy Bank Robber to Success Story - Escaping "Prison Within Ourselves"
Fellure, Martha God: our personal designer - are you dressed for success?
Fields, George Gifted insight-giver, motivator uses memory, magic, music.
Ford, Lisa
Freiberg, Dr. Jackie
Freiberg, Dr. Kevin
Fripp, Patricia Change, teamwork, customer service, business relationships
Garrard, David Magic & magical illustrations with a message.
Gatlin, LaDonna Grammy & Dove winner, entertainer, & yes, Gatlin sister!
Gaylord, Mitch Olympic Gold Medal Winner
Gilliland, Steve Everyone who hears his message leaves with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for who they are and for what really matters.
Gooch, Aunt Mattie "Retired toothless school teacher" rolls 'em in the aisles!
Graham, Stedman You Can Make It Happen! -- Brand Yourself!
Green, Darin The Cultivator of Excellence, Attitude, & Diversity.
Gross, T. Scott "MicroBranding/Positively Outrageous Service/Extreme Performance
Hall, Tamara
Hardwick, Dick Wholesome, zany routines without a four-letter word.
Hargrave, Jan
Harney, Sylvia Author/entertainer/speaker with a Christian perspective.
Hearn, Ed
Hendrickson, Patti  
Henry, Dale Presentations with a strong message & plenty of laughter.
Henson, Richard (The Broom Man)
Herlong, Jane Jenkins
Hood, Ralph "The Flying Humorist,"  the sky is blue & the sun is shining.
Humphreys, Suzie Humorist / Challenge of change or acceptance in life's situations.
Jolley, Willie Winning combination of speaker, singer, and entertainer.
Joyner, Jackie  
Karges, Craig Extraordinst - today's mysteries become tomorrow's certainties.
Keen, Bonnie One of contemporary Christian music's most distinctive singer/songwritters
Kern, Dr. Jim
Kilpatrick, Kurt
King, Frank
Kirking, Cheryl Tickles for the funny bone; inspiration for the heart.
Lapp, Dr. Janet "Keep Well" with humor and richness of  a parent, musician, athlete and pilot
Larkin, Willie The "Human Dynamo" is "Dynamite"
Lipinski, Maryellen Life Under Construction . . . A Work In Progress
Littauer, Florence Best known for "Personality Plus" seminar
Littauer, Marita Challenges men and women to improve both themselves and their relationships
Lombardi, Vince Former football executive, labor negotiator
Love, Bob Chicago Bulls' #1 Player before Michael Jordan
Lukas, D. Wayne Horse Trainer, Kentucky Derby & Eclipse Winner.
Lynn, Traci Plant the seed of Motivation to grow the reward.
McCall, Jack Weaver of humor & substance, energy & insight.
McClary, Clebe An American Hero
McCloud, Patricia Russell
McCullough, Mamie An Encourager. She believes that we can BEE what we want to BEE
McDargh, Eileen Three dimensional leadership for the new millenium.
McKinley, Michael Tools for Tomorrow: teamwork, motivate, change, balance
McNally, David "Even Eagles Need a Push" to soar in a changing World
Mackay, Harvey
Malarkey, Joe "The worst motivational speaker in America !!"
Marston, Cam Managing and motivating Generation X.
Matheny, Keith Mentalist & Motivational Speaker
Mason, Damian (The President)
Mayberry, Mark
Mayfield, Mark
Medema, Ken
Meinz, David
Metzger, Rick Champion powerlifter, "Be Outstanding Or Get Involved Elsewhere"
Miles, Frank
Miller, Susan Add a "Jolt of Positive Energy" to your next meeting.
Millis, Joy
Mitchell, Jonah
Mitchell, W
Moroski, Steve Hunger to learn - Hunger to grow - Hunger to live!
Murray, Anne
Nolen, Jenny An optimist with a keen sense of humor.
North, Oliver U.S. Marine & Former Counter-Terrorism Coordinator
O'Dooley, Patrick Team building and bottom-line specialist.
Parisse, Alan
Passanisi, Kathleen
Patterson, Dr. Jerry Humorist, philosopher, observer of the business of living.
Paulson, Dr. Terry Make change work: leadership, values, motivation, integrity
Peeples, Mary Glynn "Living above your circumstances!"
Peters, Tom
Pettigrew, Dr. Joe Real-world experiences lead to successful executive leadership
Petty, Dr. Charles A smile, information, motivation, and inspiration!
Pierce, Freddie
Pitino, Rick
Charlie Plumb Former POW, "I'm No Hero"
Podesta, Connie
Poscente, Vince
Putnam, Howard Former CEO of Southwest Airlines
Qubein, Nido "Business insider,"  trusted source of management expertise
Queen, Sandy Lighten up - This is the only life you have!
Raspyni, Brothers
Richardson, Bradley
Richardson, Bobby
Richardson, Tim
RoAne, Susan "How to Work a Room" - Susan is a networking expert!
Robertson, Jeanne First woman to receive Cavett Award, highest honor for speakers!
Rosemond, John Affirmative Parenting
Rote, Kyle, Jr.
Ruesing, Tony Combines magic with sales, marketing, communications
Salsbury, Glenna Customer Satisfaction, Leadership Development, Motivation, Inspiration
Samalin, Nancy "Parent education - Loving your child is not enough"
Sanborn, Mark "How to" information for a motivated "want to" attitude.
Sanfilippo, Barbara Excellent business and motivational speaker: sales, service, client relationships
Scheidt, Renee Touch your heart with a life changing message of grace
Schram, Pam Freedom from Crow's Feet, Cold Feet & Defeat
Segel, Rick
Shafer, Ross Entertainer, Comedian, National TV Host, & 6-Time Emmy Winner
Shaw, Jack  
Shelton, Lee Team building, leader development, sales training, service.
Siciliano, Robert Security Instructor:  Safety Minute Seminars
Silvious, Jan She shouts, "Grab hold and swim toward safe shore."
Slutsky, Jeff Street Fighter Marketing
Smith, Kay DeKalb The "Carol Burnett of Christian Entertainment"
Snider, Mike
Spencer, Stacey "Just Teens" - The Most Powerful 10 Minute of Your Life!
Stanfield, Jana
Staten, Bobbie Spontaneous, creative, clean,  & original humor.
Stevenson, Robert "How to Soar Like An Eagle in a World Full of Turkeys."
Stone, Dave Practical applications & humor - relate to & draw from.
Sullivan, Jim Restaurant, service & hospitality industry seminars
Swanberg, Dr. Dennis Brings humor, impressions, inspiration, & wisdom.
Swindall, Clint Encouraging people to be personally accountable for their success
Thomas, Cal Syndicated columnist,  broadcast journalist and author
Thomas, Dale Smith The Dream Maker with Power, Passion, & Purpose
Three On a String As a trio or orchestra guest -- pure entertainment!
Tirabassi, Becky Change Your Life — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!
Travis, Jimmy Great Comedy, Great Music, Great Show!
Tucker, Robert Leader in the field of Innovation and Change
Turock, Art  
Vidmar, Peter
Walker, Al Al's #1 inspirational presentation "A World Fit to Live In." 
Walker, Trent
Walther, George
Wand, Jim Hypnosis entertainment, educator & self practitioner equal fun & laughter
Webber, Clyde Ray
Wilburn, Aaron Humorist, musician
Wilkinson, Bruce
Williams, Otis Warning: Otis is an expert on human potential
Williams, Pat
Williamson, Desi Empowerment to reach for higher levels with "Mr. Impact"
Winninger, Thomas J. Develop strategies that address your business challenges!
Wishner, Barry  
Yoho, David The art and science of personal influence.
Zach, David
Zelesky, Gary Passion for professional and personal exZellence.
Zimmerman, Dr. Alan Creating positive work environments - getting along & getting on with business

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