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Q:   Why work with Program Resources rather than directly with the speaker?
Q:   How much does it cost to work with Program Resources?
Q:   Will working with Program Resources save me time?
Q: How many speakers does Program Resources work with?
Q:   How much do speakers cost?
Q: How many speakers does Program Resources work with?
Q:   How much do speakers cost?
Q:   When should I schedule a speaker?
Q:   Help! I've never scheduled a speaker before. How should I get started?
Q:   Do I have to arrange the speaker's travel?
Q:   What is it like working with Program Resources?

Q:     Why should I work with Program Resources rather than dealing directly with
the speaker?

A:     Because we make scheduling a speaker easier than if you were to go it alone. Just like working with a travel agent, we can save you time and effort. We'll listen to your needs, research our database and provide you with a list of available speaker candidates that would best fit your specific needs, objectives, dates and budget.

Q:     How much does it cost to work with Program Resources?
A:     Absolutely nothing. Our commission comes from the speaker's fee. Speakers consider us a "marketing expense". In most cases, you'll pay the same amount whether you work through us or contact the speaker directly.

Q:     Will working with Program Resources save me time?
A:     YES! Tell us what you're looking for and we'll do the work for you. We'll research our speaker database and provide you with a list of potential candidates. And once you've selected a speaker, we'll take care of contracts and travel arrangements.

Q:     Many speakers are CSP's and/or CPAE's. What do these initials stand for?
A:     CSP stands for Certified Speaking Professional, and is the highest earned designation presented by the National Speakers Association. CSP signifies achievement through a proven record of speaking experience; including a minimum number of fee-paid presentations, continuing education credits and consecutive years of professional speaking experience.CPAE stands for Council of Peers Award for Excellence. This award is given to a maximum of five members annually for demonstrated platform excellence and professionalism.

Q:     How many speakers does Program Resources work with?
A:     Within the Program Resources website, we've featured some of our favorite speakers. But there are many more. Program Resources is a member of the National Speakers Association. Within the NSA, there are over 4000 speakers. That's a lot of speakers. We can provide you with the speaker who is right for your program.

Q:     How much do speakers cost?
A:     Statistics from the National Speakers Association indicate the average speaker's fee is $3,500, plus travel. Speakers who are early in their career may be found for $500, plus travel. Most non-celebrity speakers charge between $1,000 and $5,000, plus travel, while experienced and nationally recognized speakers can have fees ranging from $5,000 up to $100,000.

Q:     When should I schedule a speaker?
A:     Typically, the earlier you begin the scheduling process the better. Because of their high demand, the top speaker's calendars tend to fill quickly. For the most part, if you start looking for a speaker 6 months to a year before your program we should have little problem with finding the right presenter for your event.

Q:     Help! I've never scheduled a speaker before. How should I go about the
booking process?

A:     You've come to the right place. We'd be glad to help you with scheduling your first speaker. With Program Resources as your partner, the process is not so daunting.

First, click on Contact PR and fill out our form or, better yet, give us a call. Tell us about your program, your objectives, budget, dates and location. Based on the parameters given to us from you, we'll match your program with several potential candidates. At this point, we'll send you a packet containing brochures, past client evaluations and video/audio tapes for you to review. If after reviewing the promotional materials you have any questions, give us a call and we'll provide answers to your questions. If you'd like to speak to a potential speaker(s), we'll arrange it. Once you've selected a speaker for your engagement, we'll take care of the
paperwork. You and the speaker will receive copies of a contract that outlines out all of the pertinent information about your program. We'll also send you a pre-program questionnaire that will allow you to fill out information about your program. Using this questionnaire, the speaker will then customize his/her presentation to your specific needs.

Q:     Do I have to arrange the speakers travel?
A:     No. Travel arrangements are handled by the speaker and/or Program Resources. After arrangements are made, we will invoice you for travel and send you an itinerary. That's it. It's that simple.

Q:     What is it like working with Program Resources?
A:     Here are some responses we've received from several clients and speakers:

"Program Resources has assisted us in our speaker selection for several years. They are always careful to recommend speakers that best suit our needs."

Harry Toothaker
Alabama Council of School Administration & Supervision

"The expert and personal attention always delivered by Program Resources regarding the recommendation and contracting of motivational speakers is impressive."

Jeff Landreth, Vice President
Glaxo Wellcome

"How very wise we were to contact Program Resources. Our meeting was the talk of the conference. Marolyn and her staff at Program Resources were the most positive, pleasant, accommodating group to work with, and I fully expect to utilize their services again and refer others to them."

Ruth Nichols
North Georgia Tech

"When Marolyn calls and says I've got a date for you. I know it's going to be a good match for me. That's the great thing about working for her, she will not send you where you should not go."

Bryan Townsend, CSP
Professional Speaker

"From a speaker's perspective, I so appreciate Marolyn's uncanny ability to help match the right speaker with the right job, so that everyone-the meeting planner, the speaker and especially the audience- is a winner. Marolyn dots the i's and crosses all the t's making sure every detail is taken care of. And besides being a pure pleasure to work with, Marolyn has my complete trust, which is the most important element in any business relationship. I recommend Marolyn and Program Resources totally and without reservation."

Joe Calloway CSP, CPAE
Professional Speaker



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