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Aldonna AmblerAldonna Ambler, CMC, CSP

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Aldonna Ambler, with over 30 years of experience, can help your business achieve accelerated growth with sustained profitability sm .

A powerful Keynote Speaker, she was the 10th person in the world to have earned dual professional certifications in both management consulting (CMC) and professional speaking (CSP).

Aldonna R. Ambler is President/CEO of AMBLER Growth Strategy Consultants, Inc. Considered a Business Expert by the media, Aldonna has been featured and/or interviewed by USA Today, the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, SUCCESS Magazine and other national and regional publications. Through 800 clients, Aldonna Ambler has honed her expertise as a growth strategist and draws on concrete examples and anecdotes for her lively keynote presentations.

Over the years, she has found 5 niche target markets in which she has had the greatest impact:

  • technology-driven firms
  • professional service firms
  • distributors
  • family-owned businesses
  • female entrepreneurs

Known as “The Growth Strategist” with a compelling track record, several clients achieved placement on lists of the fastest growing corporations after working with Aldonna.

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 Aldonna's newest presentation:

"With The Strike Of A Match"
Resilience and Perseverance ...
Making Decisive Moves in Adverse Times

Your employee/members are repeatedly tested in their commitment, resilience, and capacity to innovate and reinvent. Will they pass the six major tests that determine if they have what it takes to grow their businesses and succeed over the long haul? Focusing on a three generation segment in the history of the Von Richmers, a European shipbuilding family, Aldonna weaves a story of physical demands, tough decisions, weathering change, and facing the uncertainties of the times and then shows you how the challenges they faced in their business and personal lives are not much different than those we face today. If you e or an executive retreat, "With The Strike Of A Match" will inspire and motivate each of these venues.

Achieving Accelerated Growth With Sustained Profitability

  • The secret is to reverse the phrase. First, a business must be profitable. Unfortunately, profitability is fragile and without resilience built in, a business can free fall from financial health. Using real life situations and solutions based on nearly 30 years of experience as an award-winning entrepreneur and coach to growth-oriented companies, Aldonna shares the steps to profitability and helps you learn how to sustain it. Energy builds as Aldonna shifts into growth strategies and when she reaches the final segment accelerate, you will recognize what is needed to pick up the speed and Achieve Accerated Growth with Sustained Profitabilitysm.

Other People's Money
"Take other people with you who want you to succeed"

  • In her role as a venture capitalist, Aldonna Ambler has reviewed hundreds of business plans from growing companies who are seeking financing for their businesses in non-traditional ways. You will explore 10+ creative forms of financing your business with other people's money. Learn why equity deals are so important today, how sponsorships work and where to find "angel" capital.
Breaking Through Classic Barriers To Growth
  • No, it's not your imagination. There really are walls that keep some companies from growing unless they adopt specific strategies. Aldonna Ambler approaches the classic barriers to growth in a lively, interactive style and encourages the audience to find their way beyond the wall and grow their companies to full profit potential. Strategies such as "get a boost from a strong friend" or "go around the wall" can be translated into options such as strategic alliances or seeking new channels of distribution.
Re-Energize Your Enterprise
  • Learn the eight steps to Re-Energize Your Enterprise and build the confidence you need to take your business to the next level. Aldonna Ambler shares the ways to rejuvenate some of the excitement you felt about your business when it was new; find time to innovate when your employees are buried in work; get your marketing, management, and financial strategies working together; involve others in the growth of your business; find money hidden in your company and update your approaches so you're not left behind.
New Ways To Grow:
Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances and Virtual Corporations
  • "If your goals are easily achieved by yourself, there is a good chance that your goals may be too small". Growth opportunities come in a variety of forms but a great deal of energy and resources can be wasted if an entrepreneur does not pause long enough to recognize what dynamics are already in place. Aldonna Ambler helps you to understand the different growth strategies; when to apply them; how to recognize opportunities within your current market; identify prospective partners and negotiate "The Six Step Deal".
Solving The Succession Puzzle
  • Strategic planning goals can only be achieved if an effective plan for identifying and developing leadership succession is in place. No longer just a matter of finding the right person for the job, succession planning is an on-going process needed to secure the future of your business. Aldonna Ambler brings the succession topic to life and helps you to: learn techniques to diagnose your situation, identify priorities to guide succession decisions, learn the steps to use in succession, and to spot the early warning signs that things are not going well.
Other Presentation Titles Include:





  • REACH FOR IT!!! 


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"When AT&T acquired a small company to support its position in a target market, we approached Aldonna Ambler.  Our objective was to bring about a smooth and effective integration of two distinctly different markets.  The results clearly met our needs."

W.H. Nichols
AT&T Venture Technologies

"Our management team was rekindled with a new enthusiasm, a clearer vision and a feeling of confidence about the future that will have a high profitability of transferring to staff personnel"

Arthur M. Crowley, Sr.
GARON Products, Inc


"Aldonna Ambler brings energy, enthusiasm and depth of experience to her presentations. She doesn't lecture, she enlightens; she doesn't pontificate, she informs. Most of all she delivers a full-bodied remedy for what ails with real-life examples communicated in plain English"

Joan Verplanck
New Jersey Chamber of Commerce

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New Jersey

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