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Famous Amos - Wally Amos - Amos CookiesWally Amos

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Wally Amos is the father of the gourmet cookie industry. As inventor of “Famous Amos” cookies, his story is the quintessential American success story.

The “Famous Amos” cookie tale began when the talent agent began using his bite-sized cookies as calling cards. At the urging of his friends and clients, he launched the Famous Amos Cookie Company in 1975 with a Sunset Boulevard storefront in Hollywood. The business grew and in 1985, Famous Amos cookies were a $10 million business. Great products are not built on great taste alone, and Famous Amos’ success is as much due to Wally’s infectious enthusiasm and tireless promoting as it is to the cookies’ delicious taste.

While he left the brand after it changed hands several times between 1985 and 1998, he never lost his entrepreneurial zeal or passion for baking and promoting. His most recent venture is Long Island-based Uncle Wally’s cookie company, which specialized in fat-free muffins and sugar-free muffins. And in a deal with Famous Amos brand’s new parent, Keebler Company, he is once again promoting his namesake brand.

Before his cookie foray, Wally spent a stint in the Air Force (where he earned his GED), and at Sak’s in New York. He then joined the William Morris Talent Agency and worked his way up to become the firm’s first black agent. While at William Morris, Wally represented The Supremes and Marvin Gaye, and he is credited for signing a then-unknown duo named Simon & Garfunkel.

Wally has appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows, appeared in various network sitcoms and acted as spokesman for Hush Puppies, United Airlines and the California Egg Board. He is host and teacher of 50 adult basic learning programs on PBS, and has authored four books.

In addition to his business, Wally devotes a great deal of time and passion for literacy causes, serving as national spokesman for the Literacy Volunteers of America and acting as a board member for the National Center for Family Literacy and Communities in Schools.

Wally Amos, 62, has been married for 22 years to his wife Christine. They have four children and reside in Hawaii.



Whatever you believe creates your reality
Attitude is the magic word
Together Everyone Achieves More
Enthusiasm is the wellspring of life
Respect yourself, as well as others
Make commitments, not excuses
Every day can be a fun day
Love is the answer
One day at a time
Never give up or become a victim

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The Power in You

  • The Power In You is designed to demonstrate that life is an inside job. Using his personal experiences, Wally explores the power in words, faith, enthusiasm, giving, attitude, love and other positive aspects of life to help the audience connect with their inner power. throughout the years that he has been speaking, The Power In You has proven to be an excellent vehicle for building self-esteem and confidence.
Turn Lemons Into Lemonade
  • Wally Amos is qualified to help an audience turn their adverse situations into opportunities. As someone who lost his company and then watched it be sold for $63 million without him participating in the proceeds, he knows first hand how it feels to be knocked down. As if losing his company was not enough, the company he founded sued him over ownership of his name and likeness. With the experience, strength and spirit of a true survivor each time Wally bounced back stronger than ever, instead of rolling over. Wally knows first hand how to Turn Lemons Into Lemonade.
Relationships Are Partnerships
  • Drawing from his own relationships, both personal and business, Wally shares how organizations can achieve clearer communications, harmony and a sense of belonging for all employees. Because of his years of varied experiences and careers, plus his warm, personal and sincere delivery, he is qualified to show the advantages of teamwork. Wally shares his successes and his failures which can act as a mirror to benefit your organization. When you strengthen your relationships and partnerships, you strengthen your organization.
A Recipe for a Successful Life
  • What are the ingredients that have made Mr. Amos a success? ---Focus, Teamwork, Follow Through, Balance. An enlightening experience where the audience will explore their own belief system and evaluate their own values. A super charged speech for anyone or any company ready to turn their lives/career/corporation around. By the way, you have to book Wally to get the rest of the recipe.
Seeds of Wisdom, Slices of Life
  • Hawaii’s beloved “Cookie Man” focuses on helping people to shed the cultural stereotypes and myths that often cloud their decisions and misdirect their actions. Emphasis is placed on getting in touch with the truth of who we are now versus what we’ve been in the past. Participants will realize that each of us creates our own belief system and will learn how to transform the negative beliefs they may have into positive ones while simultaneously unlocking their inner power.

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"I highly recommend Wally Amos as a keynote speaker at any event. You and your audience will greatly benefit from his warmth and sincerity as well as his life stories. He will make a difference!"

Rita G. Paul
First Steps


"You background in breaking through stereotypes and keeping a positive attitude certainly captured our theme of "Bridging the Gap for the New Millennium". You certainly exceeded our expectations."

Hazel Baptist
DuPont Advanced Fibers Systems


"I am writing to thank you for the inspiration and feeding of my soul and to say how amazed I was at your ability to move people to laughter and tears. You are unique."

Susan Breen
member, Women in Communications



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