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Andy Andrews a clean comedian, entertainer, and professional speakerAndy Andrews

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Andy Andrews . . . a comedian who is clean . . . receiving standing ovations!  Words to this effect were broadcast nationally by none other than Paul Harvey on the ABC radio network.

Andrews recently performed for President and Mrs. Bush at their request. After a White House reception, the concert took place at ford's theatre and was broadcast nationally on ABC.  This was Andy's second trip to Washington by a presidential invitation.  He also performed on behalf of President Reagan in his Drug-Free America Program.

During an engagement with Kenny Rogers, Andy Andrews became the first comedian ever allowed to record a live album at Caesars.  This follows the success of his own video for children "Off The Road With Andy Andrews."

Andy did get serious long enough to enter Auburn University to study veterinary medicine.  But 2 1/2 years later he found himself writing jokes during class, ignoring the lectures.  Because he had excellent grades, his professors were shocked when he left school.  The warned him to stay because he had a "one in a million chance to make it in show business."  The parting words were, "You'll be back."  Andy has been back! He has performed many times in concert and figures he's been compensated enough to cover the tuition he paid as a student.

Andy Andrews' audience rapport is unusually quick as he makes friends by blending jokes, impressions, and observations of everyday life.  He is an entertainer with class, natural charm, and a true love for people. 

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Storms of Perfection, Words of Inspiration
  • Andy draws on conversations and personal correspondence with some of the worlds' most successful people.  Norman Vincent Peale, Bob Hope, Bart Starr, and tom Monaghan are introduced as Andy tells their stories of early struggles in life.

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  • For years in a row Andy was voted comedian of the year by the National Association of Campus Activities.  He was also named entertainer of the year by NACA.  This award, their highest honor was voted on by one thousand colleges and universities nationwide.

Andy himself says it best:

  • "This is my way to influence the world, or at least a small part of it.  I want to affect attitudes in a positive way.  Mine is the most incredible job in the world . . . I watch people laugh for a living!!" 

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