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Alan Bean, Astronaut and Professional SpeakerAlan Bean

Captain Alan Bean, Apollo 12 Lunar Module Pilot, became the fourth man in history to set foot on the moon.  As Commander of Skylab Mission II, he lived 59 days in space, 270 miles above our planet Earth.  Under his leadership, his crew accomplished 150% of their pre-mission goals -- a record unsurpassed before or since.   During his career as an astronaut, Alan Bean helped establish 11 world records in aeronautics and space.

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Alan Bean tailors each speech around the theme of the client's event and the goals they wish to emphasize . . .

"When I speak, I want my audience to feel they are looking inside the hearts and minds of the astronauts, engineers, and scientists who took the risks, extended the envelope, and made an impossible dream a reality ... and that they, too, can accomplish the challenges of their own lives and professions ... they can reach and grasp their own stars."

"Reaching for the Stars for Down to Earth Results"


"Kissing the Earth"
painting by Alan Bean

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"Alan, your space experiences were filled with excellent messages relative to the commitment to quality, teaming and personal drive necessary to achieve established goals.  These massages were key to the theme of our meeting of 'Achieving Breakthrough Results.'  The response to your inspiring, informative and motivational presentation was outstanding."

Kathy J. Meredith
Honeywell IAC Regional
Support Services Manager

"Thanks, Alan ... our National Sales meeting was a huge success!   Your experiences with the space program were extremely relevant to our organization and illustrated the importance of teaming, the way personal goals can work in tandem with those of an organization, and the rewards of thinking 'out-side the box'.  It was exciting to have you as part of our team!"

Denise B. Champagne
Marketing Communications Manager
Osram Sylvania, Inc.


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