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Jim Bearden, Professional Speaker, Combat Leader, Top Sales Producer, CSP, Change, Leadership, Team Building, Competitive Edge, Contact Program ResourcesJim Bearden, CSP

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Jim Bearden's programs reflect the experience, enthusiasm and insight that have made him successful in so many challenging situations.  "How well does your organization manage change?"  "The success of organizations is driven by the efforts of many.  We need to acknowledge the power of our choices."  Noted for his upbeat, entertaining presentation style, Jim will create and deliver customized programs that enhance your ability to make New Choices for New Environments.

Jim Bearden, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), has been a professional speaker for over 10 years.  A member of the National speakers Association, he has created and presented programs for Fortune 500 companies, trade and professional associations, and financial and high-tech concerns. Bearden's practical approach to change, leadership, team building, selling and customer service has helped companies confront problems and create real-world solutions.

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head203 Leadership, Teamwork and Winning
Drawing on his personal leadership experiences ( U.S. Marine Corps, Corporate America, parent of 3 children) Jim offers practical insights on the requirements, characteristics and roles for leaders as facilitators of essential organizational activities.
head3 Happily Ever Afters Donít Just Happen
Acknowledging and abandoning illusions about Happily Ever After(s) is a prerequisite to winning. The hope (delusion) that they actually exist will cause us to squander time and energy on these frantic but futile searches for Happily Ever After alternatives to hard work and perseverance.
head4 Selling vs Hoping To Get Bought
Contrary to what most of us have seen from many of the salespeople who call on us, selling is a process, not an event.  When selling is viewed and practiced as a process, the quality of the selling experience (for salespeople and their customers) will improve dramatically. So will the sales results.
head5 Personal Accountability
Individual accountability the alternative to victimhood is the first requirement for individual and organizational success. Accountable people recognize the impact of outside factors on them and their situations, but they also understand that the choices they make about those outside factors are often more powerful, and have more impact on them, than the factors themselves.

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"You are by far the single most outstanding speaker I have ever heard."

Marcia J. Merrill
Independent Insurance agents of Nebraska

"One of our best meetings ever ... I rate Jim Bearden a definite five plus! (on a scale of one to five as to the usefulness to your job as a general manager.)"

Linda McGuire
TCA Management Company


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