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Ira Blumenthal is an international business development expert.

Ira Blumenthal

  • International Business Expert
  • Author
  • University Instructor
  • Professional Speaker
  • Strength In Numbers (Strategic Alliances)
  • Change Is Inevitable - Growth Is Optional (Change)
  • Brand-Building for Your Future (Brands & Branding)
  • Myths and Misses In Marketing (Business Development)

Ira Blumenthal is an international business development expert . . . a highly respected consultant to world class clients . . . a university instructor . . . a celebrated writer . . . and an incredibly energetic and dynamic public speaker.

Ira Blumenthal, is truly a modern day business "Renaissance Man."  Ira counseled clients such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, Exxon, Wal-Mart, McDonald's, United Artists, Delta Airlines, Kroger, Home Depot, and others ... a celebrated writer and the recipient of the coveted "George Washington Honor Medal" for literary excellence ... a high-content public speaker who annually delivers over 100 keynotes around the world on topics related to business development, such as

  • Strategic Alliances,

  • Change,

  • Brands & Branding

  • Business Development.

Ira is also a visiting instructor at Michigan State University and the University of Notre Dame ... a published ... and a tireless community activist who is a leader in the national fight against hunger as an advisory board member of Foodchain (the national food-rescue network) and an energetic youth sports coach.

Due to his international reputation as a visionary business leader and expert in growth strategies, Ira has been featured and interviewed in a wide range of media sources, such as The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, BrandWeek, Entrepreneur, USA Today, CNN and others.

And so, consultant ... writer ... university instructor ... public speaker ... author ... community activist ... and energetic visionary business expert ... Ira Blumenthal is truly a modern-day business "Renaissance Man."

Strength In Numbers
  • Call it business development synergies, joint ventures, partnering, or strategic alliances...there is truly strength-in-numbers! This highly interactive keynote educates and motivates companies of all sizes (entrepreneurial, second tier, mid-size, multi-national) on the importance, power and viability of alliances. After all, we are fast-moving into "The Age of Collaboration."
Change Is Inevitable - Growth Is Optional
  • There is one constant in life (and business)...change! Yet, change is not new. What is new is the incredible speed of change. Industries, companies and careers have gone from "distinction" to "extinction" because of their inability to adapt, adjust and master change. This session offers a high-content, high-energy, "hands on" approach to embracing as well as capitalizing on change in business building.
Brand-Building for Your Future
  • Products are consumed. Brands are purchased. In our branded world, we make Xerox copies, blow our nose in Kleenex, snack on Jell-O, relax in the Jacuzzi and cover wounds with Band Aids. From Nike on our hats to Tommy on our shirts to Swatch on our watches and Starbucks in our cups, branding is critical to business development. This session focuses on the philosophy, strategy, guiding principles and "best practices" to create, build, maintain, and manage brand success.
Myths and Misses In Marketing
  • This energetic speech (and workshop) focuses on challenging conventional wisdom. Targeting the fourteen greatest "myths" in marketing (i.e., "Bigger Is Better!", "Close Enough Is Good Enough," "The First One In Wins," "It Won't Happen Here!," etc.), participants learn from history (the "misses") and gain a well-defined understanding of "the compelling imperatives" for success in a complex, highly competitive business climate.

"Ira has a unique knack for engaging an audience. And while the audience is engaged, he educates them. One thing you can be guaranteed with Ira is that you never know what he's going to do next. He is an incredibly dynamic and knowledgeable speaker."

Chuck O'Dell
Division President

"Ira Blumenthal is a man from the future. Some people recommend out-of-the-box thinking and positioning. Ira lives out-of-the-box and is an expert in challenging conventional wisdom in both his counseling and presenting . . ."

Ira C. Herbert
Former President-North American Business Sector
The Coca-Cola Company


"You have single-handedly given this course a distinctive image on campus. 'Is Ira coming this year?', is the familiar phrase. You belong in the classroom. As a business executive, you play an extraordinary role in bridging the gap between the campus and the world of work."

Dr. John W. Allen, Professor
Michigan State University



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