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Kim Bolton

  • Speaker                        
  • Vocalist
  • Musician
  • Author
  • Touching Hearts With Song
  • Renewing spirits With Joy
  • The Naked Man Story
  • Mating, Mothering and Ministering
  • High Tea with Jesus
  • Things Most Precious
  • Conversations at the Girlville Diner


Kim Bolton is a first choice favorite - Combine outrageous humor, and gifted speaker/author, and you'll know why!

Kim Bolton can offer a fun and inspirational addition to your conference. She is a seasoned speaker with years of experience and is the type of personality and talent that would be great encouragement for your women. With the release of her new book, "Conversations at the Girlville Diner" (as seen on CBN 700 Club, ACT, CTN, INSP and others), Kim has become a much sought after keynote speaker to women today.

Kim's goal is to communicate God's love in a style and manner that will minister to the needs of women today. As a speaker, Kim has the delightful ability of blending humorous stories with the truth of God's Word. It's her down to earth realness, that women identify and relate to, which causes them open their hearts to her message of faith and hope.

The Big Plus -An extraordinary singer/ musician and worship leader She is one of the finest singers in Christian music today as well as anointed worship leader, who knows how to take women into God's presence. From the piano, Kim ushers her audience into God's presence, assuredly a place to be encouraged and renewed.

Kim is a wife of Tony for 26 years and mother of four children and relates well to the desires and demands placed on women today. Kim has ministered with Ann Graham Lotz, Dee Brestin, Annie Chapman, Kay DeKalb Smith, Liz Curtis Higgs, Sheila Walsh, Jennifer Rothchild, Marge Caldwell, Lisa Welchel, Kathy Peel, Point of Grace, Lucy Swindoll, Lois Rabey, Babbie Mason, Alicia Williamson, Kim Hill, Dennis Swanberg and a host of others.

Kim is sure to usher your group into an unforgettable experience of worship and a renewed spirit of joy. Whatever the emotion Kim stirs in her audience, they will always leave the experience changed by her faith!

Touching Hearts With Song

  • Worship as you never have before as Kim glorifies God in story and song. You'll quickly discover the heart of a psalmist as Kim ushers you into the presence of God and lifts your spirit through her expressions of contagious joy. Described by CCM Magazine as, "vocalist extraordinare," Kim is also unique in that she is a songwriter who also plays keyboard and sax!
Renewing spirits With Joy
  • Kim lights a spark of joy and laughter with contagious love and energetic Southern charm. Your tears of compassion will soon turn into tears of joy as Kim shares how God has moved mightily, but compassionately in her own life. As Kim recounts how her moments of despair turned to victory, she will ignite your spirit with a renewed love for both your Father God and your precious family. You won't soon forget the stories Kim shares as they sink into the recess of your heart and leave you forever changed.
The Naked Man Story
  • Kim Bolton recounts a hilarious and rollicking tale of a consuming fear that threatened to overtake her life and her sanity after a naked man broke into her home.  Your own fears will melt into tears of joy as she rejoi8ces in a powerful god whose strength brought her out of a downward spiral of despair and lost faith.
Mating, Mothering and Ministering
  • How do I do all that I'm supposed to do?  so many demands, duties an desires -- which comes first?  I have no time!  What about me?  Kim Bolton shares from her own experience parables and truths in the changing parade of a woman's emotions.  god will give the elasticity required to do all He has called you to do.
High Tea With Jesus
  • In Japan, the tea ceremony is taken not only as a calming ritual, but a time of quiet reflection.  there is nothing God desires more than time alone with His children.  Quiet your heart and listen to His still, small voice as Kim Bolton takes you on a reflective journey with Jesus as your company.
Things Most Precious
  • A new bay, a lost heir loom -- the Boltons face grave danger, all the wile learning to entrust to Jesus the things most precious.  Kim waves a rich tale of god's love, provision and protection, keeping as her focus Isaiah 26:3, "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee:  because he trusteth in Thee."
Conversations at the Girlville Diner
  • Welcome to the Girlville Diner:  the place where women can tal about, . . . well, almost anything.  They talk with humor, frankness and insight about things that women share - fears, food, faith, family.  These stories about finding God in  everyday stuff, like a lost ring, mascara, grocery stores, hairdos, and even arachnids (spiders), will fill you up more that the blue plate special!
"God has gifted Kim with a powerful voice and an equally powerful story!"

Willow Creek Community Church

"I appreciate so much your ability to truly lead us in worship.  You were the highlight of our women's conference for me."

Candy Davison
Sandy Cove Ministries

"Delightful, genuine and real describe Conversations at the Girlville Diner, Kim and Chris have hit a triple off the wall... no, make that a homer. Enjoy a meal from their diner. You'll be glad you did."

Dennis "The Swan" Swanberg
 "America's Minister of Encouragement"
 television host, speaker, entertainer, and author


"Conversations is a feast for the soul. I laughed; I cried. This is definitely one diner I'll return to again and again."

Kay DeKalb Smith
Christian entertainer, comedian


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