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Terry Brock, Digital technology professional speaker

Terry Brock

  • Author, Cyberspace
  • Business Technology Consultant
  • Professional Speaker
  • Multimedia Learning Experience™
  • Update on Computers & Technology with Terry Brock
  • How You can make Powerfully Persuasive Presentations
  • The Internet: Practical Real-World Business Applications to Make & Save Money
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Financial Services & Technology
Terry Brock is a professional speaker who has worked with international audiences since 1983 speaking about productivity. His sessions are fun, entertaining and packed with useful information. This MBA in marketing has a background in radio and newspapers and brings excitement and zest to the platform as he speaks. Contact Terry today about speaking for your group and find out how to turn boring, dull meetings into events packed with information and delivered with a powerful presentation.

If you're a meeting planner and need someone who can deliver a fun, dynamic message that is content-rich and fun (!), Terry is the person for you. None of this dull, boring stuff here! Not at all! In fact, while your audience is laughing and learning, they will realize two things: 1) How important it is to bring technology into their businesses and lives and 2) Just how easy it can be to do this once they apply what Terry talks about.

Terry Brock regularly attends computer and trade shows around the world to stay up to date on the fast-changing world of technology. He goes to the experts and finds out what the latest trends and tools are that you can use. You then get the benefit of hearing the best of the best from the latest computer shows.

Not only do you hear about it, but unlike other speakers, Terry uses full multimedia with pictures, video and audio to show what is going on. It's like attending a CNN-style presentation complete with interviews of the top ideas from around the world.

For example, in a recent program, Terry demonstrated new video capture technology by interviewing key leaders in the audience. Not only did those in attendance get WOWed with the razzle-dazzle of instant reply video clips done on a computer, but they heard highly specific content, directed towards their industry from their leaders on how they can increase their business practices.

Couple that with Terry's expertise he brings by showing examples of successful businesses around the world (Terry has presented in Japan, Australia, Norway and Bermuda this year alone). Your people get a sneak peak at what can work that their competitors won't see.

Give your audience the techno-advantage done in a fun, human style. Completely unique and different from any other speaker, Terry will WOW your audience and have them thanking YOU for bringing in this caliber of professional. Topics available include:
Cultivating Human Connections on the Digital FrontierSM
  • How to add the much-needed human touch to your technology and Cyber world. Learn how adding the human touch can boost business profits and make your company more reachable.
E-Commerce Success:
What the winners are doing that you need to know.
  •  Learn the secrets of successful e-commerce and what you need to do for success in the future.
Turbo-charge your marketing through technology.
  • Learn how simple, inexpensive technology (hardware, software, peripherals and web services) can boost your present sales & marketing and move you to the next level.
"Thank you for presenting the opportunities of technology and computers in clear, easy-to-understand language."

Bob Shamis
Young President's Organization
Hong Kong

"The multimedia demonstration you provided was spectacular and informative.  You had everyone sitting on the edge of their seats!  We were all visibly in awe to see pictorial images from our own group integrated into your presentation.  When their recorded perspectives on technology challenges were used to bring up possible solutions and ideas, it was evident you had developed a solid understanding of the technology issues that were important to them."

Linda A. Ridale
National Education Association


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