Bobby Brooks

Bobby Brooks

Proven Strategies for Creating Engaging
Learning Experiences

Bobby Brooks is an award-winning educator with over a decade of experience in facilitation, training, and speaking. His unconventional methodologies of engagement have won the praise of students and colleagues alike.

Why do you have a light bulb in place of an "i" in the word "Keeping"?
The light bulb represents idea generation and energy.
     Two of the hallmarks of The Keeping Them Engaged Workshop.

What can I expect from the Keeping Them Engaged event?
     Keeping Them Engaged will feature tools, techniques, and practical strategies for
     creating a learning environment that keeps students engaged.

Bobby will demonstrate the effective use of:

bullet Props
bullet Animation
bullet Games
bullet Music
bullet  Demonstrations
bullet Interactive Discussion
bullet Video
bullet  Costumes

A discussion will be conducted to explore how the participants can apply the tools and techniques in their own unique learning environments.

This sounds like fun but do students really learn from this type of teaching?
     I have test answers that testify to the effectiveness of keeping students engaged with
     these methods. In addition, students consistently share with me how much they get out of
     the class because of the engagement strategies used. These are the same strategies
     I share in the Keeping Them Engaged events.

Do I have to use all of the tools Bobby demonstrates to create an engaging class?
     No. You could use just one of the tools or all of them to create engagement.
     The main thing is to find what fits your personality and teaching style.

Who can benefit from Keeping Them Engaged?
     College professors, teachers, corporate trainers, IT trainers, ministers, and
     anyone who speaks to an audience

     His students have represented such companies and organizations as:

GE BellSouth Honeywell
Toyota Southwest Airlines Aegon
Mercer Heartland Payment Systems Kingsford 
Hitachi American Commercial Lines E.ON US
Ford Indiana University Southeast Yum Brands
Greenlee Commonwealth of Kentucky UPS
Chase Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical Humana
CSX U.S. Army CoBank




Bobby Brooks:
Keeping Your Class Engaged


"The Competitive Environment"


"The Marketing Mix"


"It's All Economics"







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