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Leadership Develpment with Michael Broome

Michael Broome

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Sales Training
  • Professional Speaker
  • A Humorous Look at Personal, Professional, 
    and Family Success
  • You’ll See It When You Believe It
  • Be a People Power Person!
  • Killing Stress Before It Kills You
Michael Broome’s appeal is universal. Audiences roll with laughter and applaud with enthusiasm for this speaker who does more than entertain and educate…he touches people’s lives. 

Michael makes comedy look easy by using original material that is customized through evaluating the audience’s vocation, education, and values. His vast experience enables him to design programs to fit most conference objectives and he will incorporate whatever percentage of humor, substance, and motivation you require.

Michael’s key to effective speaking is being a good listener. This is the only way to make sure the message hits the mark. He will listen to your goals, objectives, themes, and ideas. After addressing a group of plumbers, a member of the audience asked him, "Do you ever speak to groups other than plumbers?" (Michael considers this comment to be one of his greatest compliments!) Though your audience will understand he is not in their vocation, they will know that Michael did his homework.

During the last 22 years, the nearly three thousand audiences Michael has addressed have included events such as The Million Dollar Round Table, a Congressional Dinner, and in Spearfish, South Dakota--a Barbecue and Goat-Dipping. He has shared the podium with noted politicians, journalists, athletes, and CEO’s and takes pride in the fact that he has been upstaged only by an orangutan!

He and his wife Karen have three children. Their home is nestled in the middle of their 1000-acre farm where Michael grows hay and raises cattle as a sideline. He says farming is the most satisfying way that he knows to lose money. His primary hobby is building habitats and planting food plots for deer, quail, ducks, and the species with whom his wife says he has the most in common - the wild turkey!

The Broomes are active in their faith, are involved with numerous youth organizations, and have created a special summer camp for teens from residential children’s homes and foster homes.

Michael Broome has serious concerns about the erosion of traditional values. An avid reader, his library bulges with volumes about people who have dedicated their lives to great causes. He chose a career in professional speaking because he has a sincere passion to inspire people to maximize their potential, serve others, enhance their sense of gratitude, and achieve a life balance. Michael believes that "success is when we have some of the things that money can buy and lot of the things that money can’t buy."

A Humorous Look at Personal, Professional, 
and Family Success

How To Be A Liver Of Life And Not A Gall Bladder
  • Achieving a balance in living is the ultimate barometer of success. In a hectic age when we are pulled in so many directions, Michael shows the keys to focusing our talents for the benefit of others and ourselves. Motivation, people management, family life, self-esteem, and goal setting strategies are delivered in a hilarious, yet informative style. This seminar, like all of Michael’s messages, is perfect for meetings where spouses are in attendance.
You’ll See It When You Believe It
Become the Person You Dream To Be!
  • Michael Broome will help your group reach their dreams, but not by putting them to sleep! He believes that our motivation is in direct proportion to our belief in a vision. This stimulating presentation encourages the audience to make the most of their lives by setting specific objectives, overcoming procrastination, learning from adversity, and maintaining a dream or vision. In this competitive age, Michael’s performance principles will give your people an edge. The message will captivate your audience as they listen, laugh, and learn about the principles of achievement.
Be a People Power Person!
Leadership, Service, and Teamwork
  • Michael talks about the basics in dealing with employees, customers, and family. Through the use of vivid examples, he teaches principles of teamwork and the art of working and living with others. Persuading and listening, critiquing and praising, managing, serving, and leading are the areas of emphasis. Regardless of your profession, Michael declares that we are all in the "people business." This program is emotionally powerful, intellectually penetrating, and spiced with the spontaneous good humor that is Michael’s trademark.
Killing Stress Before It Kills You
Everything’s Coming Up Neurosis
  • Ulcers don’t come from what you eat…they come from what is eating you! In the midst of so many mergers, downsizing, and buyouts, Michael says stress is still more often the result of what we value than the result of difficult situations or people. Today’s mandate to accomplish more in less time and to do it with fewer people leaves in its wake many who are searching for ways to cope. He teaches techniques of managing pressure, change, fear, anger, and worry. In a nation that nearly consumes its weight in antacid pills, this presentation will help your people overcome burnout.
Note:  As the Meeting Planner - - You Choose!

When you book Michael, you will receive an in-depth questionnaire to be discussed during a pre-speech consultation. Your responses will be the foundation for his personalized message for your group.

  • What tone do you want to set for your particular meeting?
  • Do you want a high percentage of humor?
  • Or would you rather Michael offer a greater balance of more serious content?
  • Do you want audience participation or key individuals recognized in a complimentary or humorous fashion?
  • What is the exact length of Michael's program.
"You were absolutely TREMENDOUS! I thought I had heard every motivational speaker in the USA. I think you are the best I have heard in years and years and years."

Mary Kay Ash
Mary Kay Cosmetics

"The unanimous reaction was that you were able to excite, motivate and inspire a very diverse group for the entire morning. I think that the impact you had on those in attendance was due in large measure to the true sincerity of your message and your devotion to strong personal values."

William D. Reedy
Manager – Human Resources

"Not only were you great as a keynote speaker, but you were a pleasure to work with prior to the convention. You are extremely professional, well organized, and undemanding. You are every meeting planner’s ‘dream’ speaker."

Mary S. DePersig
Painting and Decorating Contractors of America


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot thank you enough for setting the tone of our meeting and helping to make it the best National Sales Meeting ever. Your wit kept our attendees laughing but they also attained valuable knowledge they can use every day when making sales calls. You made us look great!"

Ed Bailey
Blue Ridge Carpet Mills


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