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Karyn Buxman, Humor in Motivation, Customer Service, & Self-Talk

Kayrn Buxman

  • Healthcare Professional
  • Humorist
  • Story Teller
  • Author & Editor
  • JEST for Success!   (Motivational Humor)
  • Humor Makes Cents!  (Humor for Customer Service)
  • Is the Noise in My Head Bothering You?!  (A Humorous Look at Self-talk and Self-esteem)
In today's fast paced society, we're all faced with some degree of stress   . . .  deadlines, budgets, an arrogant boss, a stubborn coworker, an obstinate teenager at home, a bad hair day, a "no-hair" day  . . . for many of us, a straight jacket may be nearer than we think.  Whether the source of stress is at work or at home, the results can be costly.  But the good news is  . . .  laughter is the best medicine.  And here to bring us the antidote to stress is Karyn Buxman!

Karyn Buxman is former editor of Therapeutic Humor, is a contributing editor and vice-president of Journal of Nursing Jocularity, co-editor of Nursing Perspectives On Humor, and contributing author of Where The Heart is:  Stories of Home & Family, and Chocolate for a Woman's Heart.

Associations, organizations, and institutions everywhere are adopting Karyn Buxman's therapeutic humor as standard "operating" procedure.  Karyn wows audiences through keynotes, general sessions, luncheons and after dinner presentations, filling the prescription for a winning program!

Faster than a speeding shuttle car, able to leap baggage carousels in a single bound, more powerful than a dose of Extra Strength Tylenol

Karyn Buxman, RN, MS combines her skills as a humorist, story teller, and a health care professional to help other people take their work seriously, yet take themselves lightly.

"I've been retaining speakers for several years and have never heard so many rave reviews -- all unsolicited.  It always makes the meeting planner look good when the guests go home smiling, and you accomplished that for me."

Director of Communications and Special Events

"During this period of transition, change, and continued uncertainty in the health care environment, the staff found your advice valuable in helping us appreciate the real essence of our profession, and the importance humor plays in helping us handle stress and enjoy our work."

Associate Administrator
Scripps Memorial Hospital


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