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Larry Chase

  • Publisher:  Web Digest For Marketers
  • Internet Marketing Expert
  • Professional Speaker
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Internet Style
  • Using the Net to Work Faster, Cheaper, Smarter
  • Benchmark Survey
  • Internet Marketing i.e. Direct Marketing
  • How to Survive: How to Thrive on the Net
Larry Chase founded what many consider to be the first marketing firm on the Internet. Due to his online marketing pioneer status, The New York Times, Business Week, Advertising Age, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, Business Marketing Magazine, CNN, CNBC, CBS, plus scores of industry magazines and newsletters query him regularly for his insights on the Internet. Chase is also the publisher of Web Digest For Marketers (WDFM), which has a subscriber base of over 40,000 people online. The reviews from WDFM are syndicated to Advertising Age and Business Marketing magazines. Over 80,000 people read his reviews monthly. His articles and columns are syndicated worldwide.


Publisher - Web Digest For Marketers
Larry Chase publishs Web Digest For Marketers, the first online marketing newsletter. Its reviews are read by over 150,000 people monthly. Over 1300 web sites point to it and in any given month, 3 or 4 print publications either quote from it or suggest readers subscribe to it. WDFM reviews have been syndicated to Advertising Age, DM News, Business Marketing Magazine and others.

Marketing Consultant
Larry Chase is a classically trained marketer, who has learned his lessons in New York's most celebrated advertising agencies, such as Young & Rubicon, DDB Needham and Backer Spielvogel Bates. It is through that marketing lens that he views  the Internet. With 16 years of experience in traditional marketing, Larry is able to help my Fortune 500 clients discern which classic marketing principles endure in this new medium and where the new thinking must begin. Larry's integral understanding of both media is his unique selling proposition to clients.

Larry is an internationally recognized speaker about the Internet. His has presented at the Direct Marketing Association, Fidelity Investments, Electrolux, American Society of Travel Agents, Nationwide Insurance, National Leasing, and the Dutch Marketing Society, to name a few.

Larry's book, "Essential Business Tactics for the Net" in now in it's 2nd Edition.  He shares with you the lessons learned, the secrets kept, and the winning strategies garnered from his experience and from those of his clients. Some of those clients include: Con Edison, 3Com, EDS, New York Life, AutoByTel, Liberty Mutual, Time Warner, and myriad others, both large and small.

Custom-Built Presentations
Often, clients want pieces of Larry Chase's topics, and even other modules addeds. Each of these presentations are built from the ground up, based on input he receives from you. Larry refers to this process as "mass consulting." His programs are designed to directly address the issues you've expressed. It's a process that has worked well for folks like Fidelity Investments, NationalLease, American Society of Travel Agents, Electrolux, KPMG, and many others.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Internet Style

  • The Net is an extraordinary tool for acquiring, maintaining and rewarding both clients and customers alike. In this presentation Larry examines how you can leverage the Net, (and your own existing networks), to your specific circumstances.
Using the Net to Work Faster, Cheaper, Smarter
  • Being smart about saving money and running a tighter ship is always in vogue and is often a competitive advantage. "Faster, Cheaper, Smarter" can be applied to any segment of an enterprise, no matter if it's HR, Purchasing, Marketing, Sales or Production. Larry has best and brightest examples applicable to you. These examples come from his experiences with clients, and from his years of observing what works and what doesn't work as publisher of Web Digest for Marketers.
Benchmark Survey
  • Who are your top three competitors? What can their websites teach us? How are they stronger than you? How are they weaker? How do their efforts match up against yours? These are the sorts of things examined in this presentation. Larry Chase examines not only examples in your category, but also in your "Contiguous Category" and "Far Away Category". You can often be the first to migrate good ideas into your own category and thereby claim a competitive advantage.
Internet Marketing i.e. Direct Marketing
  • Good Online marketers are Direct Marketers, whether they realize it or not! Click-throughs equal lead generation, a banner is really an outer envelope and actions such as sales or subscribing to an email newsletter are conversions, in direct marketing speak.

    Tracking response rates of different copy, different offers and different email lists also has direct marketing written all over it. So yes, let's examine how online marketing mimics direct marketing, but also underscore how it is different. After all, every new medium offers both new approaches as well as some drawbacks.
How to Survive: How to Thrive on the Net
  • Even with all the .com carnage, no one is seriously saying the Net was a flash in the pan. We all know it's here to stay and continues to have a profound impact on our business and personal lives. So what then is your relationship to it? Or what should it be? Maybe it's more of a productivity tool than a marketing tool for you, or maybe vice versa. In short, what is a sensible agenda for you and the Net? Knowing where not to go is every bit as important as where you ultimately journey to on the Net. Remember "push technology?" You want to be sure to avoid the next "push technology" but be on board for true trends like Email Marketing. Larry Chase presents indicators of how to determine what's real and what isn't. In this presentation Larry invites the audience to write down "future headlines," and to share them during Q & A. This exercise gets people to think about what may happen next in their own realm, how it might affect them and what they can do about it now.
"If you're looking for someone to address the Internet from your industry's perspective, I recommend Mr. Chase to you."

Jill Windwer
Vice President
Seminars Law Journal Seminars


"Larry was able to talk to a very wide range of these very successful entrepreneurs, some of whom were very Net savvy, while others were confused about basic concepts, such as the difference between an email address and a web address. Despite this spectrum of sophistication, he had them excited and engaged, absorbing practical marketing and money-saving concepts that they could employ immediately."

Marjory G. Ross
Vice President and Publisher
Phillips Publishing, Inc.

"I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to demonstrate how the Internet applies to their given situation. He has the uncanny ability to "tune" the presentation and message to the audience at hand, so that the Internet "speaks" to them in their language."

Lisa Schaertl
Conference Programming
The Direct Marketing Association


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