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Art Cornwell, ChangeMastery, Professional Growth, Boardroom

Art Cornwell, CSP

  • Trainer & Consultant
  • Author
  • President:  The Boardroom
  • Professional Speaker
  • ChangeMastery™
  • Wolves in the Management Ranks
  • Where Have All the Great Ideas Gone?
  • The Soft Skill Secrets of Selling
Art Cornwell, professional speaker, trainer, & consultant, draws on 30 years in the corporate trenches, recent examples from industry and an irreverent sense of humor to provide vital information for professional growth in a memorable, fun and impactful style.

... Successful business experience ...

  • Has been the president of two companies, and the vice president of three others
  • Is currently President of The Boardroom, a consulting and business communication firm
  • Has held responsible positions in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, government, and not-for-profit sectors of the economy.
  • His corporate responsibilities have included sales, sales Management, budget and cost control, new product design and introduction, advertising and sales promotion.

... Established platform skills ...

  • Professional speaker for 20 years
  • Internationally known
  • Awarded the designation of "Speaking Professional" by the Professional Speakers or Illinois
  • Specializes in showing business professionals how to increase their management skills

... Published author ...

  • "Freeing the Corporate Mind: How to Spur Innovation in Business" - Designed to show business professionals how to generate more innovative ideas from themselves and their people.
ChangeMastery™ -
How to Initiate and Control Change
  • No sporting event would be worth playing if the rules were a mystery, yet many of us are competing in a market where the rules have changed, sometimes without notice!  Using industry examples, humor, and new insights, Art Cornwell helps you understand the new rules, and what you can do to thrive with them!
    • Show the benefit of seizing changes when they occur.
    • Identify the new rules that apply to business and personal success.
    • Point out the changes we can expect in the future.
    • Explain what you can do to respond positively to rule changes.
Wolves in the Management Ranks -
Business Skills to Lead the Pack
  • Art Cornwell covers the business skills needed to "lead the pack."
    True masters of survival, the wolf offers us the same skills and strengths needed to survive in business.  In his very entertaining style, Art Corwell helps us identify the skills of leaders.
Where Have All the Great Ideas Gone?
  • With the pace of innovation rapidly accelerating, the pressure is even greater for generating these breakthrough ideas.  Art covers how you develop new ideas and encourage creativity from your co-workers.
The "Soft Skill" Secrets of Selling
  • Sure they know how to sell, but do they understand those unique skills that separate sales people from sales professionals?  Reach the pinnacle by attaining those skills.
"I was particularly impressed when one of our participants ... who came in late ... recognized your voice over the speaker in the exhibit area and said to me, 'is that Art Cornwell speaking now? I've heard him before!' And he hurried into the general session room so he wouldn't miss anything else."

... An Illinois meeting planner

"My old ways of thinking have caused ruts - Thanks for opening my mind, a great asset after 40."

"Interesting, challenging, provoking, achievable ideas.  Art Cornwell has great stage presence, well prepared, my type of seminar"

"Enjoyed examples, stories, anecdotes"

... sample feedback from Art Cornwell's audiences


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