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Mort Crim, Professional Speaker

Mort Crim

  • 35 Years in the News Business
  • Anchor, Reporter, & Editor
  • Professional Speaker
  • How To Be Terrific As Your Do Thinks You Are!
  • Why The New Media Are Not Liberal Enough!
  • Why "Be Yourself" May Be The Worst Advice You'll Ever Receive
  • How You Can Become Rich While Becoming Wealthy
  • Living Positive In A Negative World
  • Getting There Is Easy -- If You Know Where Your're Going
It's time to hear some good news about ourselves and our world! . . . and Mort Crim is the man to deliver it.  In a culture that often celebrates the negative and sensational, Mort sees solid reasons for optimism.

Mort offers direction to a society that seems to have lost its compass.  He gives reasons for hope to a country that is anxious about its future.  Using wit, humor and plain talk, Mort reminds his audience about what's truly important in life:  caring, service and purpose.

Mort's common sense philosophy alsways strikes a chord:  He's in demand by Fortune 500 companies, professional associations and universities, where his poignant stories and "can-do" attitude often bring audiences to their feet.

"... clearly an inspiration ... your homily reinforced the importance and the satisfaction of finding those sories that sit unexamined behind the day's headlines, yet which define the day's meaning."

Michael K. Morrison
Vice President, Corporate Communications

"...like the voice of an old friend:  kind, steady, encouraging ... Gentle wisdom from an instant ally."

Diane Sawyer


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