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Alan Cutler, Professional Speaker, Secrets of Being a Winner.

Alan Cutler

  • TV & Radio Sportscaster
  • Businessman
  • Professional Speaker
Signature Topic:
  • The Secrets of Being a Winner
Alan Cutler's company, "It's Your Choice" allows anyone to understand how daily decisions will seriously change your life.

Do you tune your car once a year?

Do you give yourself a tune-up once a year?

Alan Cutler's study of winners for more than three decades makes him an "expert" on how to succeed in any area of life.

Doing what Cutler calls "your daily mental pushups" is easy.  It is also the road to success.  Alan's show has succeeded in the pressurized world of Television and radio as a sportscaster for over 20 years communicates "Their Secrets of Being a Winner" in a manner that anyone nad any group can understand.

The Secrets of Being a Winner

  1. How to handle "Choking"
  2. Planting the seeds to Success
  3. Getting the Proper Game Plan
  4. The Ability to Laugh
  5. Did You Know You are a Superstar?
  6. Attitude is the Key to Happiness
  7. Two Powerful Words


Alan Cutler has appeared on:
  • David Letterman
  • The "Today Show"
  • ESPN
  • CNN

"Humorous and inspirational.  Your insights in the world of sports and its relationship to the business world and business leaders was right on the target."

Jack Kelliher
Vice President

"In my 45 years in radio and television, Cutler is with out peer when it comes to his ability to communicate and get his message across."

Bill Curry
Green Bay Packers, College Coach, TV Commentator


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