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Jason Dorsey Gen Y Motivational Speaker


Jason Ryan Dorsey

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Jason Ryan Dorsey delivers results. His talent is teaching business leaders front line-tested strategies and cost-effective actions that make a multigenerational workplace and marketplace a competitive advantage. The bottom line: Jason’s clients learn how to decrease costs, increase innovation, and drive growth—in any economy.

Known as The Gen Y Guy®, Jason is a bestselling author, acclaimed speaker, and award-winning entrepreneur. He has been featured as a Gen Y expert on 60 Minutes, 20/20, The Today Show, The View, and in Fortune magazine as well as more than 100 additional media outlets. A proud member of Gen Y (who text messages his mom every day), Jason has delivered 1,800 keynote presentations around the world—consistently earning standing ovations from audiences as large as 13,000.

Jason’s nontraditional path began when he authored his first bestselling book, Graduate to Your Perfect Job, at age 18. This book became a national bestseller and is estimated to have helped 100,000 members of Gen Y enter the workforce. Jason followed the success of his first book with four more including his newest book, Y-Size Your Business: How Gen Y Employees Can Save You Money and Grow Your Business. In Y-Size, Jason delivers the first complete methodology on how to best employ Gen Y in a multigenerational workforce, including more than 50 cost-effective best practices taken directly from the front lines of business.

Jason is a unique generational speaker, because he blends his trademark comedy and content-rich presentation style with an entrepreneur’s mindset. His ability to connect with diverse audiences has taken him to all 50 states and as far away as Egypt, Finland, Spain, and India.

In recognition of his business achievements, Jason won the Austin Under 40 Entrepreneur of the Year Award at age 25 - one of the youngest winners ever.

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Crossing the Generational Divide
Making the Four Generations in Your Workforce a Competitive Advantage

60-minute keynote to half-day seminar

For the first time in US history, four distinctly different generations are working side by side. Each of these four generations (Matures, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Gen Y) is guided by a different set of values, beliefs, and expectations. In Crossing the Generational Divide, bestselling author Jason Ryan Dorsey entertainingly reveals each generation’s preferences and priorities to highlight what they bring to the workforce—and how to strategically build on their strengths and common ground.

Jason then shares his frontline-tested process which participants can immediately rely on to lead a culture of cross-generation communication, innovation, engagement, teamwork, and performance. Filled with surprising statistics, step-by-step strategies, and laugh-out-loud stories, participants leave Crossing the Generational Divide prepared to make their multigenerational workplace a competitive advantage.

Presentation Outcomes:

·         Recognize the divergent values, preferences, and priorities of all four generations in the workforce.

·         Learn a step-by-step process for leading all four generations while respecting employees as individuals.

·         Impact your organization with actions and strategies that other leaders have successfully relied on to bridge the generations in their workplace.

Client Testimonials:

“Jason’s speech was a huge hit at our International Management Conference! In an industry where talented employees are at a premium and retention is critical to success, Jason’s viewpoint was timely, engaging and thought-provoking. His understanding, not only of his own generation, but of those who hire and work with them, makes his message all the more relevant.” 

-- Katie Taylor, President and Chief Operating Officer
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts 

“Jason’s closing keynote at our National Manager’s Convention took the show! His customized presentation on bridging the generations WOWed our managers—and made his message immediately actionable.”

-- Forrest King, Vice President of Human Resources and Training
Taco John’s International, Inc.


Y-Size Your Business
An Insider’s Guide to Maximizing the Performance of Gen Y Employees

60-minute keynote to half-day seminar

Born between 1977 and 1995, Gen Y employees are entering the workforce in record numbers. Along with a new view of “business casual,” Gen Y adheres to a different set of workplace beliefs and priorities than other generations already employed. Gen Y’s attitude toward work can make us a challenge to motivate, retain, and develop—or a strategic opportunity. The difference is how you lead us. In Y-Size Your Business, bestselling Gen Y author Jason Ryan Dorsey cuts through the stereotypes to teach participants Gen Y’s workplace mindset. He then reveals a step-by-step process and specific actions that employers can immediately adopt to unlock the talent, loyalty, creativity, and performance of this emerging workforce.

As a member of Gen Y, Jason is uniquely qualified to discuss his generation’s workplace mindset. He balances an insider’s view of his generation along with the workplace realities facing executives and managers in an increasingly competitive global market.

He can customize his presentation to focus on the aspects of Gen Y employment most important to your organization:

·         Attracting and Hiring Gen Y

·         Onboarding and Engaging Gen Y

·         Motivating and Leading Gen Y

·         Developing and Professionalizing Gen Y

·         Retaining Gen Y

 Presentation Outcomes:

·         Understand Gen Y’s workplace beliefs, preferences, and priorities—all from the perspective of an insider. (Jason even explains why Gen Y sends text messages without vowels.)

·         Engage Gen Y employees from our first day at work. This is critical because Gen Y decides on our first day if we will stay with an employer long-term.

·         Impact your organization with creative, ready-to-use actions that make the most of Gen Y’s employment potential while saving you money.

Client Testimonials:

Jason Dorsey’s presentation was informative, engaging and relevant. Our team left motivated to better connect with their “Gen Y” employees. I personally learned a lot and am proof that he can teach an old Boomer new tricks!”

-- Greg Creed, President and Chief Concept Officer, Taco Bell Corp.

* Jason’s keynote speech at Taco Bell’s National Franchisee Conference received a standing ovation from the 1,000 attendees!  

“Your presentation was a hit with our Leadership Development Program! You really connected with the audience and they walked away understanding how all the generations can work together more effectively.”

–- Michael F. Doble, Director, Strategic Communications, Raytheon Company


Y-Size Your Sales
How to Sell to Gen Y so they Love to Buy (and brag about our purchase on Facebook)

60-minute keynote to 120-minute seminar

The 78 million members of Gen Y have finally come of age. And we’re spending money. Lots of it! Businesses are now competing fiercely for Gen Y’s attention, affection, and customer loyalty. Research and lines around the block for the newest iPhone reveal that when Gen Y feels an authentic connection to a product or service our dollars will follow—and so will our friends on Twitter.

In Y-Size Your Sales, bestselling author Jason Ryan Dorsey, The Gen Y Guy®, shows business leaders and sales professionals exactly what Gen Y covets in a buying experience and why. He then reveals specific actions that businesses can immediately adopt to maximize Gen Y’s customer satisfaction, loyalty, and word-of-mouth support. All participants leave with at least ten specific strategies they can use to increase the effectiveness of their marketing and sales efforts with Gen Y.

Presentation Outcomes:

·         Identify Gen Y's consumer hot buttons—all from the perspective of an insider.

·         Connect with Gen Y customers before we make our first purchase.

·         Improve the Gen Y customer experience without meeting our Mom (although you want her in your database, too!).

Client Testimonials:

"Jason kept everyone in the room completely engaged and entertained. Our multigenerational sales team loved the session and found it very educational, actionable, and fun!"

-- Steve Fleming, Executive Vice President of Sales, Ceridian Canada


Every Jason Dorsey Presentation Includes Customization and Reinforcement:
A pre-event phone call, confidential employment data review, customized multi-page handout, and personalized follow-up actions.

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"Jason did a phenomenal job in his presentation of not only breaking down the different generations, but more importantly, giving us actual ideas of how we can implement this information in our day-to-day operations to increase retention of all of our employees. His interactive presentation was extremely well received by our management team. It was very beneficial for our managers to hear what it is that motivates Generation Y and what they can personally do to connect with these employees… I would highly recommend Jason Dorsey as a ‘Generational’ expert speaker.”

Jeanie Landolt, Training Manager
Enterprise Rent-A-Car of Baltimore

"Your presentation, coupled with your handout, helped me gain a much greater understanding of the "Y" generation. You masterfully had the audience slip into the shoes (sneakers or sandals if you prefer) of Gen ‘Y’ and take a glimpse of life from their perspective, which is their reality. Wonderfully good job and thanks for the experience. It was a great way to end the day."

Mike Ziegenfelder, Onshore Operations Recruiting Lead
Shell Exploration and Production Company




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