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Chip Eichelberger Inspires people, provides mission & momentum, and unleahes peak performance.

Chip Eichelberger

  • Award Winning Salesperson
  • Author
  • Professional Speaker
  • Gaining the Edge!
  • Get Switched On!
  • Igniting Team Spirit
  • Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Poorly!
Chip Eichelberger is among the most widely sought after, thought provoking and inspirational speakers in the world. He is a peak performance strategist and team cohesion expert.  His electrifying speaking style, finely honed on three continents and in nine countries, gives him a rare ability to challenge, enlighten and motivate.  He entertains you with a natural humor and a relevant message that consistently captivates his audiences.

After earning his business degree from the University of Oregon, Chip was an award-winning sales person for Jantzen Sportswear.   In 1988 he joined world famous author and motivator Anthony Robbins and quickly became the top field sales leader and trainer in his six years there.

Chip Eichelberger has a magical ability to generate enthusiasm, contagious energy and results that will last well beyond the presentation.  You will appreciate working with a consummate professional who personalizes each presentation and produces an exceptional event every time.  His accessibility, adaptability and wonderful attention to detail are refreshing.

Gaining the Edge!
  • Inspiring People to Take Action and Make a Difference
    How can you achieve grater results with fewer resources?  Chip challenges people to clarify and raise their personal standards, adopt new empowering beliefs and integrate simple strategies that will create lasting improvement.  Gaining the Edge! inspires accountability, a long-term view to success and making a greater contribution to others. A fired-up presentation!
Get Switched On!
  • The Magic of Mission and Momentum
    When your people take their job, their purpose and each other for granted, it slowly destroys relationships, team unity and initiative.  They forget what is going will and focus on what is not working.  Chip rallies the group and reinforces their common vision.  Each person will pursue their work with renewed tenacity, high morale and contagious energy.  Get your team on a roll!
Igniting Team Spirit!
  • Unleashing Peak Performance
    What will dominate the conversations at your next event?  The board bread is an intense, emotional and climactic physical metaphor dedicated to over-achievement and pushing your team spirit to new and lasting heights.  When people are concentrating on catching others doing things right - Anything is Possible.  Chip often adds this topic to other keynotes to create an extraordinary half-day presentation.
Anything Worth Doing is Worth
Doing Poorly!
  • The Benefit of Being an Adult Rookie
    It is fairly easy to achieve success in America because the masses are satisfied with mediocrity.  The worst mistake your people can make is to become complacent and let their skills and knowledge become obsolete.  To stay competitive you must be a lifelong learner and leader of your career.  Chip illustrates the advantage of being a beginner, hungry to improve yourself - an Adult Rookie.
"You were the best speaker ever brought into our organization.   Considering that we have employed Tom Hopkins, Floyd Wickman and Mike Ferry, etc. this is truly an outstanding recommendation ... you consistently received a standing ovation in all seven cities."

Don Lawby
President and CEO
Century 21 Real Estate Canada Ltd.

"Wow, your methods really work!  I am happy to report that since your kickoff message, our agency has broken all weekly sales records!  We are off to our best start ever!."

Len Golke
General Agent, CLU, ChFC!


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