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Roxanne Emmerich is the banking coach with breakthrough programs.

Roxanne Emmerich, CSP

  • Banking Industry Expert
  • Sales Leader
  • Author
  • Professional Speaker
  • Thank God It's Monday
  • Dancing with Reckless Abandon
  • Acquisitions are for Wimps
  • Breakthrough Banking
Roxanne Emmerich is different.  She's a top banker and businessperson who also knows how to teach, train, and motivate employees to achieve peak performance.  Thousands have profited from her break though techniques.
As humans, we have an insatiable desire to be extraordinary in our lives and work. During challenging times, that need is stronger than ever. We ache with the often unfulfilled need to make a meaningful contribution.

Unfortunately, many of the traditional workplace approaches and habits destroy our inherent passion and zest. There comes a need to revitalize that passion-for both the business and its individuals.

No one ever calls home and says 'Honey, I was so average today!' We call home only when we do something extraordinary.

Explore how you can create a workplace filled with vision, passion for results, and even a possibility to hear people say 'Thank God It's Monday!'"

~Roxanne Emmerich

After a successful career as a top-rated loan officer, Roxanne was the CEO of a multi-million-dollar agricultural business.  She increased it size sixfold and was recognized as #1 in its industry. Roxanne's next step was a financial services firm that went from zero to $35,000,000 in less than a year. 

A proven sales leader, Roxanne Emmerich was a leading producer for a major brokerage and got the top score in the nation in the Series 7 test.  Roxanne is the author of four books and writes a business column that appears in more than 500 publications annually. 

Currently, Roxanne is co-owner of a bank holding company and owns a consulting firm specializing in helping banks and other businesses achieve performance breakthroughs.


Thank God It's Monday

  • Filled with warmth, humor, and highly-customized detail, this inspirational talk is a proven choice for Conferences, Nurses' Week, and Staff Appreciation Day. 

Dancing with Reckless Abandon

  • This ambiguous title creates the understanding that the path to getting better results often requires that you try new and sometimes seemingly "crazy" things.
Acquisitions are for Wimps
  • How to Grow your Business Without Merging, Acquiring or Marrying into It
Breakthrough Banking
  • To prosper in the new millennium, you have to go beyond "business as usual."  Breakthrough Banking is the fastest way to get there.  Roxanne Emmerich a top teacher and successful banker, can give you and your employees an unbeatable edge in gaining , retaining, and doing more business with current and new customers, which can mean a big boost to your bottom line.
"I was especially impressed with your adaptability to our group.  The membership…is as diverse as they come and you did spectacular job manipulating your program to reach the entire group." 

J. Hentges
Membership Services Manager
Greater Minneapolis Convention & visitors Association

"Your enthusiasm was contagious, your charm was captivating, and your message spoke directly to the heart of what we, as bank operations and MIS personnel, must do to continually change to meet the new challenges in our industry."

S. Annis
Senior Vice President
San Joaquin Bank


"Its unusual to find a visionary who weaves in real world application and step-by-step processes to make sure that they accomplish the vision…we've worked with the highest paid speakers in the country…but never have we received a better draw for our program, and all without the hassles that come with the $25,000.00 speakers."

A. Splinter
Public Relations Officer
Executive Leadership Seminars


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