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Martha Fellure, Discover Success by God's Design

Martha Fellure

  • Fashion Designer
  • Professional Speaker
  • Counselor & Teacher
  • God:  Our Personal Designer
  • Are You Dressed for Success
  • The Power of Positive Linking:  Practicing the Art of Encouragement
Are you looking for something new, different and exciting to share with your women's group?
Discover Success by God's Design with .... Martha Fellure:

... Equips her audience with the desire and ability to honestly and accurately assess their needs.

... Encourages listeners to apply the practical, trustworthy principles of God's word to their needs.

... Motivates her audience to affect their world in a positive manner because of their present circumstances, not in spite of them!

... Uses the skills she has developed in the design industry to share her message.

... Desires to be transparent, revealing her needs and God's creative measures to meet those needs.

Humor, honesty and relevance integrated with a practical presentation of God's word meeting us where we are, provide the key ingredients to a fruitful, life changing experience.

Martha Fellure, born in Chicago, has lived through out the U.S., Haiti, and The Dominican Republic. She has counseled juvenile delinquents, taught Bible and counseled at a maximum security prison for women.  For the past 18 years Martha has been a world-known fashion designer taking her designs from local shows to the world fashion stage in London, England. 

"I'm excited God's given me these opportunities, but fashion design isn't the most important thing in my life.  It's being a servant of the Lord."  Martha Fellure

God:   Our Personal Designer
  • A 45-60 minute presentation that explores God's loving, creative and patient role, as Designer through the "constructing" of a bridal gown as she speaks,  she corrects flaws and reveals design secrets while challenging and encouraging the listener.
The Power of Positive Linking
  • Any person at any age or circumstance in life needs encouragement from some source.  Where we seek and where we find our encouragement will determine much of our attitude toward ourselves, others and god.  a ready source of encouragement is found in the act of encouraging others.  During the presentation Martha Fellure leads her participants through a personal examination of their desired sources of encouragement, the possible barriers and potential building blocks toward being an effective ENCOURAGER and finding ample ENCOURAGEMENT available to each of us through positive, creative sources.
Are You "Dressed" for Success

Most of Martha's
programs let your group
take part in their very
own fashion show.

 Session #1:  Successful "Up-Look"
  • Develop an accurate Image of God.  Personal testimony based on Martha Fellure's experiencing God's creative, powerful and loving hand through widowhood, the mission field, drastic moves and dramatic career changes.
 Session #2:  Successful "In-Look"
  • Discerning God's image of us and developing an accurate view of ourselves as God's personal designees.  Martha "constructs" a bridal gown during presentation.
 Session #3:  Successful "Over-Look"
  • Relate to our world around us with success, respond without our old "garments" of Pride, Fear, Bitterness, and Depression.  Replacing them with Grace, Contentment, Gratefulness, and Anticipation
 Session #4:  Successful "Out-Look"
  • Examining our goals for the future and evaluating our success based on a total acceptance of and dependence upon our Designer/designee relationship.
"Wonderful Presentation!  We thank you Martha for making our annual ladies Spring Banquet so special.  We have received numerous comments about "God's Design for Women" and the way you were able to use scripture and apply it to all phases of your lives.  Your sweet gentle spirit and soft spoken words, were evident of your love for women and motivated them to listen.   They loved the picture application with the wedding dress."

Judy Russell
Southeast Christian Church
Louisville, KY

"Martha Fellure is a clear and compelling communicator.  She speaks from a relevance that has been forged through life situations that have molded her heart and mind in unique and meaningful ways.  All of us who know her and have had the privilege of sitting under her ministry are better for it."

Joseph M. Stowell
Moody Bible Institute

"Martha Fellure is an effective communicator of the truths of God!  She's a warm, humorous and relevant speaker!  As she shares the details of her life she creatively blends solid biblical truths and contemporary issues"

Jenel Moline
Stonecroft Ministries


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