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Aunt Mattie Gooch is flirtatious, outrageous, God-fearing, but always funny!

Aunt Mattie Gooch
(Judy Duke)

  • Teacher & Educator
  • Theatre & Performing Arts
  • Drama Coach
  • Adjudicator: State Theatre Competitions
  • Heaven Sent Smiles Clown Troupe


Aunt Mattie Gooch is:
  • spry, energetic, flirtatious, outrageous, God-fearing, and always funny.
    How can all this be in one frumpy, scrawny body?

Aunt Mattie is a polyester-wearing, front-toothless mountain woman who loves to make people laugh.  A retired widowed school teacher, Aunt Mattie Gooch spouts Southern wit, wisdom and humor, and true down-home mountain advice with an accent as thick as a cathead biscuit.  Her classroom is now a stage -- be it banquets, conventions, luncheons, retreats, seminars, or anywhere she can corner an audience.

Aunt Matte Gooch doesn't have a set routine.  It's impromptu -- she plays off and with the audience, almost like having a conversation with that favorite aunt.

Under the Make-up . . .  Judy Duke

Judy Duke is Aunt Mattie Gooch

"Becoming aunt Mattie is a source of delight for me.   She rolled around in my head for many years before becoming a reality.  She is a collection of many people I have known and loved, and that makes her a special lady.

Aunt Mattie is very down-to-earth and many times will say whatever comes into her head.   That's why no two performances are exactly alike. She always tries to personalize her performances to fit the occasion.

Several pieces of Aunt Mattie's costume were given to me by important people in my life, most of whom have 'gone on to glory' as Aunt Mattie would say.  I see performing Aunt Mattie as a way of sharing that love with others."
"Thank you so much for the 'live entertainment' at our stockholders' dinner.  You were one of the big reasons everyone had such an enjoyable evening."

Thresa Wilson
Administrative Assistant
Peoples Bank and Trust

"One of the things I like most about aunt Mattie is her diversity in that she can appeal to any age or purpose. She is very flexible.  There is always wisdom her words.  She makes wisdom easier to take because she presents it with humor."

Bruce M. Anderson
Teacher of the Year


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