T. Scott Gross

You Need Positively Outrageous Service
… to Super-charge Your Brand!

Anyone can write a book but to be an “expert”
     … you have to have lived it!

T. Scott Gross has lived it!

T. Scott Gross knows how to reach…and teach your audience how to deliver Positively Outrageous Service. And that’s what is going to build…and protect your brand!

What is POS? It’s above-and-beyond service that attracts customers with a touch of creativity and personality. It can take many different forms but it always follows a few simple rules:

bullet POS is random and unexpected. The element of surprise is part of its power.
bullet POS is out of proportion. It’s an extravagant gesture that catches attention.
bullet POS involves the customer personally. It’s an invitation to play that
personalizes the service.
bullet POS creates positive word of mouth. More powerful than advertising, POS generates its own buzz.

Not one for a purely “motivational speech,” Scott shares real how-to details in his inimitable storytelling style. When audiences are laughing…someone is paying attention. And that’s when learning and buy-in happen. With POS, you can get the tools to build a higher market profile and own greater customer loyalty. Now that’s a payoff you can take to the bank!

Scott built the brand Positively Outrageous Service from personal experience as a restaurateur …and decided to write about it. Southwest Airlines adopted it as their bible (and you know what happened to their brand in an incredibly tough marketplace.) They even created the verb “POSed” to mean that an action was taken to delight and surprise a customer into saying, WOW!

If successful companies like Southwest Airlines can adopt Positively Outrageous Service as the core of their service culture, this would be a good time to play Follow the Leader!

Practice, practice, practice! This is what you were taught as a child when you needed to master a new skill. So what do your employees need to keep hearing? Positively Outrageous Service! What will instill the lessons of serving the customer in a way that builds and protects your brand equity? More Positively Outrageous Service training!

And there’s no one better than the creator of POS…T. Scott Gross!

Most clients invite Scott to open their general session while some save him to bat clean-up. Choose a keynote (the best hour you’ll ever spend!) or add an application session at no additional charge to let the message resonate even deeper. Your audience needs to hear it and Scott can deliver!

Presentation Themes

No canned speeches...
YOU decide!

Scott enjoys customizing his presentations to fit the audience.

Explore the themes below and think about how each might apply to your organization. Scott will call for pre-event research. You can count on him to ask plenty of questions so that he can create a medley of key ideas just for you!
Positively Outrageous Service

Positively Outrageous Service or, P-O-S is Scott's signature work. All the topic themes that follow relate to the delivery of a Positively Outrageous Service experience!

P-O-S is...

bullet Random and Unexpected
bullet Out of proportion to the circumstance
bullet Invites the customer to play
bullet Creates compelling, positive word of mouth

The Service Prescription

Based on extensive original research this presentation is especially for healthcare providers. Now more than ever healthcare customer service is in the spotlight.

bullet Learn the trends that are shaping consumer behavior.
bullet Discover how to create a "halo" effect.
bullet Create compelling, positive word of mouth.
bullet Recruit, train, and retain a powerful service team.
bullet Take advantage of our original research into consumer habits.

Undercover Customer

On a late Fall afternoon Scott decided to turn his life into an adventure... and he did! Scott climbed into his high-performance single engine aircraft and flew himself to work a baker's dozen of unusual, sometimes dangerous jobs. His quest: discover how to lead a high performance team that will deliver on the promise of POS, the kind of service that customers can't wait to talk about.
Once the personal, one-on-one research was complete, Scott took on the task of original research to discover what customers want and why they too often fail to get it.

Thousands of air miles, millions of on-line survey responses later, Scott is ready to look closely, very, very closely at customer service in your organization.

bullet Learn how art happens when you connect the server with the customer.
bullet There is a perfect job for everyone but—70% haven't found theirs!
bullet Why we continue to hire people we don't want for jobs they don't want!
bullet How competence holds fear at bay.
bullet Create simple, inexpensive, and effective performance feedback systems.


A brand is only an expectation and we each have multiple brands of our own. As individuals we are walking brand builders.

The key for organizations is to recognize that the least trained, the least invested of our employees do the heavy lifting of building our brands... or not!

Did you know...

That a brand is nothing more than an expectation?
Brand management is nothing more than managing expectations... it's simple just not easy! We all have multiple brands but often they are incongruent. There is a huge difference between a logo and a brand. MicroBrands are little brands that sit on top of big brands and are often the more powerful of the two.

Invisible Selling & The Disruptive Thinking That Makes It Work!

Capture more customers and get more of their money!
Based on Scott's original research and supplemented by the results of more than a dozen formal research projects, Disruptive Thinking helps you look into the future to uncover pitfalls that would otherwise catch you napping as we look to the future to provide ideas we can use.

Looking at the numbers, customers tell us today is the time for Invisible Selling, a system that packs a powerful sales punch.

You will...

bullet Be able to identify and respond to the trends shaping your customers' buying habits.
bullet Use a simple four-step method that makes selling more effective yet invisible.
bullet Put basic psychological research to work increasing sales per transactions.
bullet Think out of the box... way out of the box when it comes to local store marketing.


"I found myself waking at 4:00 AM with my mind full of ideas so I ... wrote them down immediately.  No speaker has ever been that positive for me before."

Hardware Wholesalers, Inc.

"You captivated a group of almost three hundred employees with diverse backgrounds, skills and responsibilities and, in your own unique way, dared them to be even greater."

Richmond Savings Credit Union




Meet T. Scott Gross

T. Scott Gross is more than a writer who speaks; he literally has been there and done that!

A veteran of the hospitality industry, Gross learned from the bottom up, literally from the business end of a pot sink! His credibility from his years in that industry has earned him the respect of audiences everywhere as an entrepreneur who knows what it’s like to make payroll every Friday.

Best known for his first book, Positively Outrageous Service, now in its second edition, with over 200,000 copies in circulation world-wide in a multitude of languages, Scott continues to delight audiences with his subtle humor, masterful storytelling, and take-home value, challenging them to make work fun. His subsequent books, 13 in all, validate the need─and rewards─of delivering a customer service experience so positive that your customers become your best marketing tool.

Scott’s client list is as diverse as the Fortune 500, including such respected companies as Southwest Airlines, Wal-Mart, and Ford.
Presenting to audiences from as small as six to over three thousand, Scott has chosen to hone his skills in more diverse territories. When not on the road, Scott intends to live life to its fullest, always making a difference!






Outrageous Service"



"The Service Prescription"

















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