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Sylvia Harney, An entertainer and speaker, who happens to be a committed Christian

Sylvia Harney

  • Author, Entertainer, & Speaker
  • WSM's Grand Ole Opry
  • Christian Perspective
  • TV & Radio Appearances


  • You Can Tame the Tongue, but first You Have to Catch It
  • Learning to Snatch Victory From the Jaws of Defeat
  • How to Finish the Race Without Shinsplints
  • How to be the Real Thing in an Artificial World


Sylvia Harney in an entertainer and speaker, who happens to be a committed Christian.  She has the unique ability to boldly share her faith, whether appearing before a secular audience or within the Christian community.  She has appeared on Fan Fair and the Music City News Awards Show and has been Goodwill Industries Spokesperson for the Southeastern United States.  She is a frequent guest on major radio and television talk programs as well as morning television in major market across the country.

Whether you schedule Sylvia for an all-church banquet, a Sunday evening, a weekend conference, or a convention, you get someone who is real and genuine.  She is approachable, transparent and commits her whole heart to leaving her audience with something of lasting value that goes straight to the heart and stays there.

In her first appearance on WSM's Grand Ole Opry Sylvia stood alongside her dear friend, the legendary Minnie Pearl.  She has shared the stage with Barbara Mandrell, Roy Acuff, Floyd Cramer, and numerous others.

"... the exuberance of Goldie Hawn, the literary wit of Erma Bombeck, and the folksy humor of Minnie Pearl, all rolled up into a great, bid, tender heart!"
"Sylvia Harney is a great writer, a great comic, and a Solid, feet-on-the-ground friend!  I recommend her and her books to you!"

Jerry Clower

"I am grateful to you for the way you communicated the truths of scripture in a personal, practical and humorous way.  The Lord has given you some marvelous gifts and a gold mine of experiences.  The humorous nuggets you shared with us truly were an investment you were making in our lives and marriages."

John Hughes
Columbus, GA


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