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James Hennig

James Hennig, Ph.D., CSP, CPAE

  • Corporate President
  • International Sales Leader
  • University Faculty
  • Past President of the National Speakers Association
  • Negotiations: 
    • Sales/Executive/Technical
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Handling Difficult People
  • The Change Challenge
  • The 70 Minute Hour
  • The Power of Listening
From Hawaii to South Africa, from Canada to Mexico, James Hennig is known as a dynamic keynoter, seminar leader and business consultant.  A frequent speaker and consultant to Fortune 500 companies and major national and international associations, his areas of expertise include Win/Win Negotiations, Partnering, Increased Productivity, and Managing Organizational and Personal Change.

Jim's business background is diverse.  He has been a national sales leader as well as president of four successful corporations in four divergent fields.  An accomplished author,  he has produced books, articles, audio and video tapes that have been translated into fourteen languages and published worldwide.

James Hennig's energy and enthusiasm are contagious.  Hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals have attested to his ability to inspire, motivate, educate, and produce bottom-line, measurable results. 

James Hennig has received degrees from the University of Wisconsin and Purdue University where he taught for several years.  At Wisconsin, Jim was a member of the 1962 Big Ten Championship Football team.

"You can't say and do one thing in one situation and the opposite in another and have a set of values that are meaningful.  You've got to operate on the principle of truth in every area of your life.  Sometimes doing the right thing makes you unpopular, but in the end it is always worth it."  Jim Hennig

Signature Topic:  Progotiation™
  • Taking the NO out of negotiation, Jame Hennig teaches a how-to guide for building successful relationships.  It's more than a new way of negotiating - - it's a whole new way of doing business!
    • Learn the Ten Principles of Progotiation to gain control
    • Learn 10 major factors affecting your negotiation power
    • Learn how to handle difficult situations
    • Learn 30 strategies and tactics to improve your effectiveness and how to counter each of them if necessary
    • Learn 6 great alternatives when questions are asked of you
    • Learn how to negotiate from a weak position
"Spend a few hours with this masterful program and your stock is certain to rise . . . in both your personal and your business life.  What a great road map to success!"

Og Mandino

"Jim did an in-depth research on issues and approaches germane to our own industry and tailored his presentation to that of the participants.  His easy to follow style and willingness to participate in a dialogue with our staff also was helpful.

Perhaps the key to Jim's approach is the use of follow-up materials which will give us the most "bang for our buck" in terms of retention and execution."

Ray Klocke
Safeway, Inc.

"I was impressed from the first time we met, when you showed up so long in advance to get to know our audience and to adapt to the tone and demands of our group.  But even though I'd seen your video, you managed to exceed even my outrageous expectations - which was especially nice, since "exceeding expectations" was the focus of our theme.

David Lefever
Executive Director
National Association of Fleet Administrators


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