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Suzie Humphreys

  • Successful Radio Program
  • Administrative Secretary
  • Television Talk Show Host
  • Internationally Funny Speaker
  • I Can Do That!
  • Life is What Happens to You While You're Making Other Plans
  • Please Pick Up After Yourself, Your Mother Doesn't Work Here ...
  • Suzie!  Where Is Your Faith?
Whether it is the challenge of change or acceptance in relationships or situations, in the home or on the job, Suzie helps you rise to the occasion with all the vigor and enthusiasm that living this wonderful life demands.

International audiences know Suzie as one of the most compelling speakers on the platform today.  Taking your message from corporation to conventions or hospitals to classrooms, she is at home with people of all ages and all walks of life.

Her gift is in touching the emotions of her audience through her own stories.   Stories that hold humor and the enchantment of a deeper message revealed by an event or a set of circumstances, seeming at first glance to be happenstance, but upon closer inspection ... intended or ordained.  She brushes the memory of her audiences yesterdays...dreams long past forgotten and hopes now fulfilled.

  • The softness of a newborn's cheek next to yours.
  • Not getting something you want ... or getting some thing you don't want.
  • The climb up the ladder and fall back down ... the Thud!
  • The climb back up.
  • The joy of saying yes instead of no.
  • The miracle of an old hatred replaced by friendship.
  • The courage to "see things differently."
  • The strength in holding tight ... the power in letting go.
"You presented our message in such a way that the next year everyone was still saying, 'Is Suzie Humphreys going to speak again?'  I personally want to thank you for providing the best, most humorous presentation with a message that I have had the privilege of booking in the last several years"

Charles Stephens
Corporate Director of Sales
National Sales Meeting
Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

"You really made a difference, Suzie!  You made us laugh, and you made us cry.  The additional 'customized' remarks you made to let them know you knew exactly what they were going through really hit home for them too!  Your words make all of us, not just those facing a total uprooting of their lives, realize that it's not so much what happens to us that counts as what we do with the cards we're dealt in this lifetime."

William M. Plummer
AmeriCorp Relocation Management, Inc.


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