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Willie Jolley

  • National Recording Artist
  • Author: It Only Takes a Minute to Change Your Life!
  • Dynamic Speaker
  • "The Inspirtainer"


  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Self-Development
  • Empowerment
  • Team Building
  • Success
Willie Jolley is commonly described as versatile, intense, exciting, innovative and dynamic.  He is regarded as "one of the hottest new speakers on the national scene today" and has been nicknamed "Mr. Standing Ovation" because of his knack for inspiring audiences to stand on their feet.  The combination of an exciting and dynamic speaker with an outstanding singer/entertainer has created a winning combination.  Willie Jolley, "The Inspirtainer," is a name that is destined to become synonymous with excellence.

Willie Jolley is a multi-talented and unique speaker, singer and media personality.  He has a B.A. degree in Psychology and Sociology and a M.A. in theology.  His music background includes half of the CBS recording group, The Deuce, and lead singer for the group, 98.6.

Mr. Jolley is president of InspirTainment Plus, a motivational and inspirational services firm and the host of the daily radio program, "The Motivational Minute."

"Catch the Spirit" and join the growing number of people who have been InspirTained, excited and turned on.  Check out Willie Jolley!

"Willie Jolly is one of the most electrifying speakers on the planet.  a powerful personality who offers a rare combination of incredible ideas and information along with dynamic platform skills.  A speaker/singer 'extraordinaire' who is definitely a history maker, in the making!"

Les Brown

"Willie Jolly is perhaps the most extraordinary speaking/singing talent emerging in America today.  His message is inspirational and uplifting from the very first word!"

Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy International


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