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Bonnie Keen

  • Author
  • Recording Singer/Song Writer
  • Professional Speaker
Bonnie Keen has the ability to connect with her audience, to see conflict through compassionate eyes, and to capture both the subtlety and complexity of faith that evokes respect from her peers and fans alike. Blessed with one of contemporary Christian music's most distinctive voices, Bonnie Keen is also a writer of rare insight and vulnerability. With songs that run the gamut from soaring hymns to intimate worship arias; from fragile, sensitive ballads to sinewy, rock-inflected barnburners, Bonnie has the unique ability to build bridges over those boundary lines that separate the hurting from the Healer.

Bonnie's fearless insight, as well as her ear for authenticity, infuses her songs with a visceral and emotional resonance that connects with her audience on multiple levels. The scope of her remarkable appeal has been recognized by her peers and fans alike with five Grammy nominations and three Dove Awards for her work with seminal Christian vocal group, First Call, and an Emmy for her discussion of "The Whirlpool of Depression" on the television show, On Main Street. Superstar performers from Garth Brooks to Michael W. Smith call on Bonnie for her remarkable vocal prowess.

Having walked through the rejection of divorce, the loneliness of depression, and the desperation of single motherhood, Bonnie knows first hand the redemptive power of God.

"The enemy would love to use depression, heartache, loneliness, and bad situations to wipe us out. But when we take it to the cross, God takes it and turns it into something tremendously powerful for His kingdom and His glory. It is a humbling thing to live long enough to see that happen over and over again."                                                                                   Bonnie Keen

Bonnie Keen has appeared on several networks, such as Family, Cornerstone, Trinity, and Moody. Her discussion of "The Whirlpool of Depression" garnered an Emmy Award for the show, On Main Street. She has been featured in numerous publications like Living Solo, CCM, Release, and Charisma and has graced the covers of Today's Christian Woman and Virtue.

Bonnie Keens' Topics with song suggestions:

  • “Eve in the Year 2000”:  Comparing the first woman created with women now:  our schedules, our desires, our fears and how to learn to let go of America’s definition of “woman” and embrace God’s... to walk with Him in the garden each day.
    Song: “You Will Cover Me”
  • “Divorce Recovery and Survival:  A Dream Clutched Too Tightly Becomes An Idol”:   Recounting my own struggles with shame and failure through an unwanted divorce I went through and 8 years of single parenting 2 children before God’s remarriage came to me.  Stories that let the personal veil down of my private life, light stories about my children and then personal excerpts from journals.  How I finally made God my first love so that I was able to love His person in time.
    Song:  “Isaac”
  • “Easter -- The Quiet Impossible":  Based on a journal entry where I was overwhelmed with how this resurrection of death in our lives and hearts continues year round, daily and suggestions, stories on how to keep Easter alive.
    Song:  “The Lord’s Prayer”
  • “Why Did He Die”:  An examination of how we live as people of faith in a nuts and bolts real way that gives honor to why Christ came and suffered for us.  I have 10 reasons why he DID NOT die and then 10 reasons why he did.
    Song:  “My Hosanna”
  • “Wretched Women Jesus Loved”:  My own struggle through self-esteem and a study of Jesus’ life here on earth that revealed the women he spent time with were basket cases like me!  Because I was broken, I let His love in.  This has a video piece about 6 minutes long, an updated version of the woman in Luke 8 who was cured from the 12 years of bleeding.
    Song:  “Every Drop of Red”
  • “Blessed Are The Desperate”:  This encompasses my own journey through clinical depression and recovery.  I pull from many sources such as Mike Mason’s book, “The Gospel According to Job”, and my own new release, “Blessed Are The Desperate”, journal entries and touch on all aspects of healing from medication to spiritual renewal.
    Song:  “When The Now Begins” or “You Will Cover Me”
  • “Give Them Wings To Fly”:  An overview of single parenting.  The ups and downs and fears and learning that God is co-parenting with you.  I talk about dating again, recounting a near date rape experience and stories about my children, light and precious.  As well, finally writing a prayer/song for all that I am not, and all that God is.
    Song and Video:  “Give Them Wings To Fly” and “Where Is Your Heart Tonight” (dating)
"Whether Bonnie is speaking or singing, she touches us at a place deep within that longs for someone to understand. Bonnie is real. Her songs and words speak of God's redemptive work. She's been in difficult circumstances, she's experiences true joy, and is willing to share both. Bonnie is a delight to work with."

Candy Davison, Women's Ministry Cordinator
Sandy Cove Christian Conference Center
North East, MD

"Following the concert, I especially appreciated the way Bonnie spent two hours listening, praying, crying and laughing with our people, especially singles moms, who needed an encouraging word. Bonnie listened and understood as I explained the special circumstances and nuances of our particular event. It was delivered 100%."

 Jeff DiMecili, Creative Manager
Premiere Designs


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