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Cherly Kirking tickles the funny bone and tugs at the heart strings.

Cheryl Kirking

  • Songwriter and Recording Artist
  • Gospel Music Association Member
  • Keynote/Banquet Speaker
  • Counselor
  • Mother of Triplets
  • Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
  • Are God's Arms Longer Than Daddy's?
  • It's Your Song
Cheryl Kirking weaves her unique blend of home-spun humor, original songs and personal anecdotes into a program that will inspire and uplift and audience, while maintaining a deep integrity with scripture.  She is a popular keynote and banquet speaker for church and business groups, and is also available for seminars, retreats, children's and family concerts.  A gifted worship leader, Cheryl regularly leads worship services,  Cheryl engages the audience members to create a memorable experience which touches participants on a personal level.

Cheryl Kirking draws up her background in teaching, counseling, children's ministry and business to enhance her presentations.  a songwriter and recording artist, she has performed internationally and recorded five albums of original songs, but considers her triplets her greatest production! 

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
  • A program which Cheryl is uniquely to present ... she's the mother of triplets!   Drawing on her background in counseling, Cheryl offers practical stress management techniques, while tickling the funny bones with hilarious parodies which poke fun at everyday nuisances.
Are God's Arms Longer Than Daddy's?
  • Cheryl realized the importance and awesome responsibility of thoughtfully answering youngster's challenging questions about God.  She offers ways to leave the legacy of your faith with the youngsters in your life. 
It's Your Song
  • Why is it easier to recognize others' talents, and so heard to see our own?  With a focus on personal responsibility, goal identification, and a good dose of common sense, Cheryl encourages participants to identify, develop and share their God-given gifts. Participants leave with a song in their hearts, ready to "sing to the Lord a new song!"
Family Concerts, Intergenerational Events,
Worship Services
  • With her background in children's and Youth ministry, worship leading and performance, Cheryl enjoys creating an experience that will meet the needs of your church or group.
Additional Programs:
  • Whispering Hope:  Spiritual Growth Through Prayer
  • A Bouquet of Roses:  Celebrating God's Gift of Memory
  • LoveNotes
  • U - N - Me, Kid!
  • Christmas Memories
    (plus other holidays and special occasions)
"Cheryl is a worship leader, not just a performer . . . she quietly weaves scripture, stories and songs into a Christian message that deeply touches the worshipping congregation."

Julie and Don Stettler
Fifth Avenue Church
West Bend, WI

". . . a strong, clear voice, a variety of musical styles, and an ability to write songs with a personal spiritual message that will touch listeners. "

Twin Cities Christian


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