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Dr. Janet Lapp

  • Creator/Host of CBS series: Keep Well
  • Author/Publisher
  • Registered Nurse & Clinical Psychologist
  • Professional Speaker
  • Under Their Skin: The Psychology of Customer Experience
  • Positive Spin
  • Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air; How to Let Go, Change Fast and Get Others on Board
  • Guilt in One Hand Briefcase in the Other: How to Keep it all Balanced, Stay Healthy and Productive
  • Grab ‘Em and Keep ‘Em; How to create a culture that your people would be crazy to leave

Dr. Janet Lapp’s non-stop energy, enthusiasm, and kick-butt messages drive her audiences to create change, get-on-board-or-get-off-the-bus, take risks, and move forward. Her clients call her dynamic, thought-provoking, humorous, and inspirational.

Dr. Janet Lapp is both a Registered Nurse and a Clinical Psychologist but she is known best as a powerful coach for individuals, groups, and corporate teams. She is a commercial pilot who has flown her plane around the world, and an adventurer and athlete who has competed nationally. Her relentless energy and enthusiasm has prompted one meeting planner to say: ”Fasten your belts–you won’t believe the power she has to capture an audience. This is by far the best program we have ever had.” One of the country's leading agencies has placed Dr. Janet on its list of the “Top 10 Guaranteed Standing Ovations.”

A Canadian from Montreal now living in Southern California, today Dr. Janet is known across Corporate America for her energetic, innovative presentations that guide audiences through fast change. Around the world, she is known for her remarkably astute presentations delivered in French, English or Spanish.

The author of three best-selling books, she was creator and host of the CBS series Keep Well, is the editor of FastChange and The Change Letter.

In 1988, Dr. Janet was rated among the top three speakers worldwide by Toastmasters, and in 1998 she achieved the prestigious Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE), and was inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame, an Academy Award for Speaking, for her platform excellence. This award, along with her Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), from the National Speakers Association, for proven speaking experience places her among the top 1% of speakers worldwide along with Norma Vincent Peale, Ronald Reagan, and Colin Powell.

Dr. Janet Lapp has successfully created behavior change for over 25 years, and has developed unique and effective systems that increase human potential, help put attitude into action, and help organizations reach excellence. Her unique one-of-a-kind delivery, solid content and practical tools are filled with humor and energy and create not only actionable attitudes but practical how-to’s to take back to work.

Under Their Skin: The Psychology of Customer Experience

  • Key factors in creating great customer experiences
    Learn how top experience companies get that way
    Tools for increasing innovation and doubling success

Positive Spin

  • Put a Positive Spin on Change and Keep Morale High
    See the positives in current change
    Develop personal and team accountability
    Keep productivity and commitment during uncertainty

Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air

  • See and Act on Opportunities During Rapid Change
    Understand and use new trends impacting your world
    Move faster and smarter
    Discover opportunities in rapid change
Guilt in One Hand, Briefcase in the Other
  • Balance Work and the Rest of Your Life
    Balance work, social and family roles
    Restore realistic balance or integration
    Keep stress lower and burnout away


  • Note: Choose one program, or parts of any or all.
    You will:
    Take responsibility to create your own future.
    Leave inspired, optimistic and recharged.
    Break out of limiting thinking.

"Now is a time to move forward with boldness, and to face the opportunities and challenges of change with optimism and courage."     Dr. Janet Lapp
"Janet connected with everyone.  There was lots of laughter, tears, reflection, and a joyful uplifting of the group.  At the end of the day, our people seemed to be almost glad that we are in the midst of change.  Indeed, she is an artist."

Tom Martel
Prudential Insurance Company

"Wow!  What a rousing addition to our conference!  You were undoubtedly the preferred speaker; in fact, you were the only one to receive a standing ovation.  The audience loved your down-to-earth humorous style, and the real challenges you gave us to help us through change."

Larraine Birks
National Court Reporters


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