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Willie D. Larkin . . .  The  Human Dynamo

Willie D. "Dynamite" Larkin

  • Professor
  • Corporate Executive
  • Workshop & Seminar Leader
  • Kellogg National Fellowship Program Award
  • Choose Not to Be Average:  Strive To Be Great
  • Mastering MindOverMatter:  You Have the Power to Live Your Dreams
  • Leadership for the Common Good
  • Valuing Differences and Managing Diversity in the Workplace
Dr. Willie D. "Dynamite" Larkin is far from being just an ordinary speaker and trainer.  He is a visionary self-proclaimed country boy who loves to talk.

Willie D. Larkin is a nationally recognized motivational speaker, trainer, consultant and writer who was once referred to by a workshop attendee as the "eighth wonder of the world."  For more that 25 years he has been delivering high impact motivational speeches and seminars on personal and professional empowerment, leadership and organizational effectiveness, self-esteem, human productivity, communication, conflict resolution, and diversity in the workplace.

As a Human Resource Development Professional, Dr. Larkin currently devotes countless hours to the study of leadership, communication, and organizational management research, speaking, and consulting.  His work involves helping business and industry, non-profit community groups, and associations of all types to build strong and productive organizations.

Dr. Larkin combines research proven principles and concepts in the field of human resources and blends them with a communication style that captures the imagination of his listeners.  Dr. Larkin's success as a presenter comes directly from having lived the personal stories and experiences that he talks about in his programs.  Your don't want to miss this dynamic and entertaining speaker.

So, Choose Not To Be Average . . . Choose to Be Great! 
Develop an unstoppable attitude
while you learn to master

                    Willie D. "Dynamite" Larkin

Keynote Speeches (45 minutes to 1 hour)

Choose Not to Be Average:
Strive To Be Great

  • This high-powered motivational presentation empowers people to make the best choices to prepare themselves to reach their personal and professional goals in life.  The program inspire, encourages, motivates, and give hope for a better you.

Mastering MindOverMatter: 
You Have the Power to Live Your Dreams

  • Too many people spend time worrying about how tough life in, instead of what they can do to make life better for themselves and their families.  This program was created expressly to help people overcome obstacles and roadblocks in their lives.  This upbeat and high-energy program teaches people to excel in spite of their circumstances.  You'll learn how to conquer fear and use it as a source of power and strength.

Additional Keynote Topics:

  • Excuses Are for Losers  
  • Reach for the Stars:
    A Blueprint for Leaving a lasting Legacy   
  • Soar Like An Eagle:  The Sky Is Unlimited  
  • Dream The Impossible Dream: 
    New Thought For a Young America
Workshops/Seminars (2 to 6 hours)
Leadership for the Common Good
  • This workshop focuses on how to become a "servant-leader."  for leadership to be most effective, it has to be shared.  Each person brings both strengths and weaknesses to the table and each must play off of one another to maximize his or her effectiveness.  This in-depth workshop on leadership teaches leaders and managers how to harness the power of all.
Valuing Differences and Managing Diversity in the Workplace
  • Diversity is a real issue and challenge in our society today and will continue to be.  Not really, it's more of an opportunity for us to maximize the talent in businesses, organizations of all kind, and the communities at-large.  The content of this inclusive and hands-on workshop was derived from my interviewing executives from 19 Fortune 500 Companies.  The results of these face-to-face interviews with some of America's top business executives put into place cutting-edge management and leadership practices of diversity acumen.  This workshop will provide participants with hand-on experiences and opportunities to interact comfortably with other participants.
Additional Workshops/Seminars:
  • Strategies for Effective Team Building 
  • Keys to Effective Communication 
  • Conflict Management:  The Art of Developing Win-Win Relationships  
  • Exceeding Expectations:  Delivering Quality Customer Service  
  • Gearing Up To Manage Change


"As a person who is called upon to do a great deal of public speaking myself, I certainly have to admire your speaking style.  Your humorous manner of motivating your listeners to think and believe that they can be positive, productive, and uplifting human beings themselves is extremely impressive."

Dr. Paul R. Hubbard
Executive Secretary
Alabama Education Association

"Words cannot express how appreciative I am for the tremendous impact you had on the Interstate/Valley Telephone employees.  Having served in the tele-communications industry for over 27 years, I have had the good fortune to listen to a tremendous number of professional speakers, and believe me, I have met some who were truly extraordinary.  You, sir, rank up there at the very top."

Mr. C. Michael Graggs,
President & COO
Interstate/Valley Telephone Company


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