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Dr. Maryellen Lipinski

Maryellen Lipinski, Ed.D., CSP

  • Psychologist
  • Former Hospital Administrator
  • Author & Coach
  • Professional Speaker
  • Life Under Construction . . . A Work In Progress
  • Quality Blueprints For Change
  • Hit The Nail On The Head With Customer Service
Dr. Maryellen Lipinski, designs fast-paced, innovative programs that incorporate construction as a universal metaphor. You might say she provides her audience with a life building experience in change processes, communication, customer service and team building.

Her 22 years experience includes corporate work as a hospital director at Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Florida, private practice as a psychologist on the West Coast of Florida, training coordinator for the University of California San Francisco, consultant to such companies as Xerox, Coca-Cola, Scientific Atlanta and Patagonia, a professor in psychology at Antioch University, contractor of her wood-framed home and author.

Maryellen delivers spirited, high-content presentations to a wide variety of organizations such as Lucent Technologies, Hughes Aircraft and UCLA Medical Center. An active member of the National Speakers Association since 1989, Maryellen served as president of the Los Angeles Chapter from 1998-99.


Life and business are always under construction and definitely "a work in progress." After taking over as the general contractor for my mountain home last year, I began transforming my lessons learned in the seven months that it took me to build my home to my world as a professional speaker, coach, and author. I clearly realized that the best laid plans still need reconstructing and restoration. Having the proper tools in life and organizations for change, communication, customer service and team building build a strong foundation for success.  


Life Under Construction . . . A Work In Progress

  • Are you the architect of your future? The best laid plans for life and business often need restructuring, remodeling and restoring.

    • Create your building permit

    • Design a solid foundation

    • Build a more meaningful work life

Quality Blueprints For Change

  • How quickly can you retool and rebuild after change? How effectively we manage change defines our ability to be productive in business & life.

    • Draft an effective change plan

    • Renovate outdated ideas

    • Charge up your power tools

Hit The Nail On The Head With Customer Service
  • Is your commitment to serve being demonstrated by behaviors that will motivate customers to continue to do business with you?

    • Discover building blocks to strengthen relationships

    • Rebuild to a higher level of service

    • Plan ahead for lasting connections

"After 20 hours on the road, you were in absolutely excellent form and impressed Coca-Cola's Western top management with your enthusiasm, knowledge and solutions."
Zygmunt Szczepanski, President
Power Business, Europe
"Your message was moving, inspirational and motivational. Each person thought you were talking to them individually. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Donna Riddell
Director of Sales
Holiday Inn


"The services provided by Dr. Lipinski are what most speakers promise but rarely deliver -- a true understanding of the organization's issues with customized materials."

Vicki Gonzalez
Human Resources
University of California, Irvine Medical Center



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