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Marita Littauer

Marita Littauer

  • Author
  • Corporate President
  • Professional Speaker
  • Personality Puzzle
  • Come As You Are
  • Making the Mealtime Fun For Everyone
  • Love Extravagantly
  • Celebrate Your Passions
  • Talking So People Will Listen
  • Celebrate Being a Woman Today
Marita Littauer brings energy and excitement to her audiences. Her presentations are relevant to men and women from all walks of life as she challenges them to improve both themselves and their relationships.

Marita Littauer combines her personal and professional background to make her one of the best qualified speakers for your conference, church, convention or women's group.  Marita has 20 years of experience addressing groups as diverse as the International Women's Conference on Possibility Thinking, the National Christian Women's Conference, Church of God Ladies Ministry Conference, the National Religious Broadcasters Convention, the Christian Camping International Convention, the Christian Ministries Training Association, the Chickasaw Indian Nation, Oklahoma City schools and Sam's Club Managers Meeting.

When you invite Marita Littauer to speak to your group, you can be assured that not only will her presentations be quality - organized, rich in content, and customized to meet the needs of your group, but also that you are receiving a quality person.  It is Marita's belief that as a speaker/leader she must continue to grow and improve in her own life and that the image she presents on stage -energetic, fun loving and optimistic, is the the same person she is off the stage.  She enjoys spending time with both the meeting planner, the committee and the attendees.

She is the author of 10 books, including Love Extravagantly, You've Got What It Takes, Personality Puzzle and Talking So People Will Listen. Marita is the President of CLASServices Inc., an organization that provides resources, training, and promotion for speakers and authors. She is a gourmet cook and has a recipe column in The Godly Business Woman Magazine, a marriage advice column in Christian Bride Magazine and is a regular contributor to the Christian Communicator and Writers Digest magazines.

Personality Puzzle

  • Have you ever noticed that there are people in the world who are different from you? Perhaps you live with those different people or work with them. While you can't change them--even though you may have tried--you can change the way you approach them. You can learn to meet their needs and improve relationships. Just like the pieces of a puzzle, each of us is different and fits into the picture perfectly when we are put in the right place. In this session, you will learn to identify the visible pieces of the puzzle by observing clothing, mannerisms and personal space. You will learn about the Popular Sanguine--the bright flowers in the puzzle; the Perfect Melancholy--the straight edges; the Powerful Choleric--the corners which hold it all together; and the green-grass pieces--the Peaceful Phlegmatic. Once you know where your co-workers, spouse, family and friends fit in the personality puzzle, you can begin to adjust your expectations and ultimately see almost overnight improvements in relationships as you learn to meet the emotional needs of others.
    This session is excellent as a half- or full-day seminar and is appropriate for both church and business groups.
Come As You Are
  • Using the well-known foundation of The Personalities, Marita will help you understand that God makes each person with a specific personality that plays a powerful role in building a relationship with the Lord. The ways of approaching God are as diverse as the personalities of the seekers. You will not only gain a greater understanding of how you can personally grow closer to God, but how you can accept the spiritual styles of others. Based on Marita's book, Come As You Are, this message will bring freedom to those who feel trapped by guilt when the typically touted approach to quiet time doesn't work for them.
    Especially good as a single presentation, such as a luncheon or banquet speech, or as a powerful closing for a conference on The Personalities.
    This session is only appropriate for Christian audiences. 60-90 minutes.
Making the Mealtime Fun For Everyone
(Yes, even the cook)
  • For many people, cooking a simple meal is a chore--let alone the special times when you want to do something out of the ordinary for your family. A company dinner may feel overwhelming. Do you have to have beautiful dishes or labor all day in the kitchen? Does it have to be lots of work? No! Cooking and entertaining can be fun! In this enjoyable session filled with visual aids and props, Marita will motivate and equip you to go home and make the mealtime special. You will learn to create a memorable mood, set a pretty table, entertain with ease, and open your home to those in need. Even if you grew up in a home where guests were infrequent or the meals of your childhood are a miserable memory, you can learn to make the mealtime fun! If time allows, this session can include a cooking demonstration
    Making the Mealtime Fun is a good choice for any women's audience and can be easily adjusted for Christmas programs and is especially appropriate as a luncheon presentation or spouse program. 60-90 minutes.
Love Extravagantly
  • We often get discouraged in our marriage relationships because we expect our spouses to do something for us to make us happy, yet they can never do enough. However, the scriptural model is for us to love our spouses extravagantly, not to get, but to give--as Christ loved the church. In this session, based on her book Love Extravagantly, Marita will teach the biblical concept based on Ephesians 5:2 and help listeners let go of their unrealistic expectations and learn their marital equilibrium so that they can love extravagantly! Your marriage can prosper, despite the challenges assaulting today's marriages!
    Especially good as a single presentation, such as a luncheon or banquet speech, or as a powerful part of a larger conference. Can be adjusted to address all relationships, not just marriage. This session is only appropriate for Christian audiences. 40-60 minutes.
Celebrate Your Passions
  • Have you noticed that the world of work has changed? There are two changes that specifically impact us as professionals. One is that workers want more freedom and flexibility. The other is that the entire concept of the "job" has changed. Looking at these factors, and the inevitable changes that will continue in the world, we must develop a portfolio of skills which fit both our talents and interests, and the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. In this session, we will take a brief philosophical look at these changes, then based on chapters from her book, You've Got What It Takes, Marita will share how she and others have secured their personal futures and built varied but compatible and exciting businesses. In conclusion, Marita will address the value of defining who you are and what you do in such a way that others quickly and easily grasp the crux of your work.
    This presentation is geared towards all working professionals and can include a workshop session. 60-90 minutes.
Talking So People Will Listen
  • All of us talk. Even if you are in a position where you can make people be quiet when you speak, you can't make them listen. However, what you can do is adjust your approach to them so you make it easier for them to really hear you! In this fast-paced and entertaining session based on chapters from her book, Talking So People Will Listen, Marita will help you identify your personal communication style and that of those with whom you live and work. Once you know your style, you can work to improve your areas of weakness. As you recognize the communication style of others, you can adjust your approach to suit them. Whether you talk to employees, a boss, family members or friends, you can talk so people will listen!
    This session is applicable to all audiences and works especially well for both church and business groups as a keynote presentation, a workshop or spouse program. 60-90 minutes.
Celebrate Being a Woman Today
  • Have you ever listened to your mother or grandmother talk about their youth and thought about how blessed you are to be a woman today instead of yesteryear? In your life today, have you ever felt that you were treated unfairly because you were a woman? Through the filter of Philippians 4:8, you will look at the things that are good and true to discover that this is the best time in the history of the world to be a woman. Based on her book, You've Got What It Takes, Marita combines words and wisdom from God, successful women, and her own vast experience to give direction to women longing for purpose and balance in their lives. You can find more success in who you are and more joy in getting where you are going!
    This session is excellent as a luncheon or banquet presentation or as an inspiring closing for a womens conference. This session is only appropriate for Christian audiences. 50-70 minutes.
"Marita Littauer has been used mightily by God to further His kingdom. She has trained hundreds of speakers; a fact which is proven in her own impeccable speaking skills. Her heart for God and His Word enables her to speak with purpose and practicality. Her knowledge of women enables her to do it with humor. Marita is a delight!"

Candy Davison
Women's Ministries Coordinator
Sandy Cove Ministries
North East, MD


"Marita Littauer is one of the most talented, energetic, relevant and impactful communicators today. Her unique ability to both educate and motivate turns a meeting into an event. If you're ready to be challenged and transformed and you want to enjoy every moment of it, then Marita is the speaker for your group or organization."

Lois Evans
Senior Vice President
The Urban Alternative


"Marita was absolutely perfect! Marita's ability to speak in a Christian or secular setting, along with her humorous anecdotes and biblically-based practical information proved both entertaining and enlightening. Marita's energy is contagious! Women are still talking about the evening and her message."

Debbie Venable
Women's Leadership Team
Calvary Church, St. Peters, MO



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