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Vince Lombardi, Professional Speaker, Negotiator, Football Executive,
Vince Lombardi
  • Attorney
  • Minnesota State Legislator
  • Former Pro-Football Executive
  • Labor Negotiator
  • Author and Speaker
  • High Performance People
  • Motivation, Commitment and Mental Toughness
  • Coaching for Teamwork

Vince Lombardi has a clear and inspiring message to share about the qualities found in winners and high performance people and organizations.

As the son of the late Vincent T. Lombardi, one of the greatest football coaches in the history of the sport, Vince's early years were spent in an atmosphere full of personal power and achievement.

Vince's enthusiasm for growth, change and improved performance, blended with his strong personality and first-hand knowledge of his legendary father's leadership and teambuilding techniques, make for a dynamic presentation.

"You were rated the best attraction of our convention with an average '5' out of a possible 5 points."

Oregon Trucking Association

"You captured our minds and hearts.  You told meaningful stories without too much emphasis on sports.  You gave us valuable insights and practical tools.  and, you were the best prepared, most gracious speaker I've ever encountered."

Colorado Society of CPA's


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