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Traci Lynn - Feed you mind with motivation

Dr. Traci Lynn

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Traci Lynn has inspired thousands to pursue their dreams and develop excellence in their lives.  She believes people must feed their minds with motivation to reach past their comfort zones and live the lives they envision.  As part of her audience, you will feel the energy of her words as she encourages you to expand your dreams and focus on the future

Purpose, plan and potential . . . With engaging humor and charm Traci Lynn teaches you how to cultivate ideas and goals and nurture them with dedication , energy, and spirit.

Traci Lynn regularly delivered the opening act for motivational guru Les Brown.  She has been featured on "Good Morning America" and in "Essence Magazine" for innovative business success.  Traci Lynn is a published author, producer of a motivational tape series, and president of Traci Lynn International.  She was the recipient of three prestigious awards, the Madame CJ Walker Award for entrepreneur excellence, University of Pennsylvania Carrier of Hope Award for her community service, and The Spirit of Greatness Award for outstanding leadership in business.

Dr. Traci Lynn's Signature Topics:

Who's Pulling Your Strings!

  • Take Charge and Control of Creating Your Own Future.  How many time do we believe we have no control of our own destiny and believe our fate is in someone else's hand?  The fact is, most people believe that because they don't know how to make the transformation to take back control.  In this session, you will learn how to recognize and use your inner strength, and how changing your attitude begins the process of creating what You want out of life.  End self-sabotage, break through the mental barriers to peak performance, and change the face of your tomorrow by Taking charge and control of creating your own future. 
Change Your Attitude - Change Your Life!
  • Excellence, happiness and success is a matter of Attitude. In order to maintain and improve standards of professional excellence, you must Change your attitude. Once you develop a winning attitude everything and anything is possible to receive and achieve. If you want to win and be successful in life, it starts with changing your….

    A = Attitude
    T = Talk Positive
    T = Think Positive
    I = Innovative Ideas
    T = Think Like a Leader
    U = Understand Differences
    D = Don't Resist Change, Embrace It
    E = Empower Yourself

You and your staff will definitely leave this highly motivational session with a brand new "Attitude" that will definitely increase your company's bottom line!

Powerful Leadership Skills for Women

  • This series will unlock the secrets of the most successful women leaders and shatter any success barriers that stand in your way.  You will also discover that your communication style is your inescapable calling card.  It immediately announces who you are how your feel and what you expect from yourself and others.  You will learn negotiation techniques that guarantee you'll hold you own oven in the most intense situations.
    • Develop positive powerful skills that make people want to follow your lead
    • Handle difficult people
    • Raise your credibility and visibility by enhancing your value in the eyes of your boss
    • Say No and make it stick
    • Adopt a winning attitude that gets results. 

The Mind of a A Millionaire

  • Unlock the door to the millionaire inside you.  This life-changing presentation explores why some people suffer from the "wilderness mentality" and why they keep wandering around in circles, not fulfilling or creating their ultimate destiny.  With Traci as your guide, you will fully agree that you were created to have wealth, happiness, and success but it all starts with the way you think. End self-sabotage, negative thinking, and procrastination, so you can break through those mental barriers to transform even your wildest dreams into exciting new realities.

"Truly an unstoppable person who will not take no for an answer!"

Les Brown

"Dr. Traci's enthusiasm and straight-forward motivation make a tremendous impact on the employees here.  She is a powerful motivation force which has inspired change not only in our workplace, but has transferred to many family members of our employees."

Cheryl Hill
Administrative Officer
Maryland Department of Human Resources


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