Keith Matheny

Keith MathenyIt has to be Keith Matheny! When your meeting or event is too important to take chances, and your reputation is on the line, you can count on Keith to provide you with the most dynamic entertainment or motivational presentation that your audience will ever witness.

A seasoned performer with a powerful resume’ of Fortune 500 companies and over 19 years experience, he will captivate, amuse, inform, and inspire your group as he combines audience participation with fun demonstrations of the power and ability of the mind. Then, Keith brings it all together with a strong motivational climax. You will be amazed to watch Keith recall over 200 names of the people he just met at your reception.

 Sound impossible? Keith will even explain how you can do it and how easily it can be done!

His programs are high-energy, clean-cut, sophisticated presentations that are sincere, honest, and uplifting. They are loaded with motivation, good-natured humor and entertainment that will generate the kind of positive energy with which you would want your people to be associated.

So the next time you are in charge of getting an entertainer, a speaker, or both, make your event a memorable one. Bring entertainment or motivational speaking with class and dignity to your next banquet or meeting. Book Keith Matheny today and become the envy of your planning committee tomorrow!

Presentations Perfect for:

bullet Awards
bullet Keynote Address
bullet Commencement
bullet Sales Meetings
bullet Spouse Programs
bullet Opening & Closing Sessions

Popular Keynotes

Overcoming the Impossible
The most requested program Keith presents. How to approach doing things that most people think are impossible. This program combines entertaining mental demonstrations with principles to help you develop the mindset to accomplish difficult tasks and achieve results far beyond the norm. This is an excellent program for any group, team, or individual who needs to overcome obstacles, manage change, turn things around, and do the impossible.

The Power of Attitude
With over 600,000 words in the English language, Keith will show you how one powerful word can dramatically change the quality of your life. That one word is “attitude.” Mixed with humor and amazing demonstrations of the power and ability of the mind, Keith will instill the key ingredients necessary to developing a positive, productive, and winning attitude. For success in business and relationships, no single word has more impact. It’s time for a new attitude!

Drive Up the Sales
This program is right on target to help your sales force or company increase sales, win customers, and develop exceptional customer service. Get an edge on your competition by modeling the attitude, preparation, and performance of top level sales people.

Dynamite Self-Esteem
No matter how much success, fame, and money you get in life, none of it will be any good if you don’t like the person you see when you look in the mirror. This presentation will help you learn how to feel good about yourself in the right way, and how the right self-esteem affects your success. Seven dynamite steps that can change your life!

The Magic of Humor
This is a fun session loaded with humor, but it is much more. You will learn how, when, and why to use humor. You will laugh and learn how humor can be used as an ice-breaker, a stress reliever, and an illness-breaker. Humor can be a tremendous asset when you know how to use it properly.


Weeks later I am still hearing positive comments! Everyone thinks I am a wonderful meeting planner. You kept the group on the edge of their seats.

Deborah Obrzut, Regional Secretary
Pennzoil-Quaker State Company
Philadelphia, PA

Your program was exceptional and extremely entertaining. Everyone had a great time. The feedback we have received could not have been better. Get ready for next year!


Shelley Arnold, Executive Vice President
Independent Insurance Agents of Maryland

Thanks for a great presentation. Your comments were especially timely and appropriate for our organization and the reviews have been excellent!

Janice Houser
IBM Corp.
Cincinnati, OH

Your program was excellent. The men of the Naval Academy football team are still talking about your entertaining and inspirational presentation!

George Chaump, Head Football Coach
U.S. Naval Academy

The players and coaches were thrilled with your presentation. You really caught their attention and your talk regarding commitment and believing was exactly what our football team needed to hear!

Don Nehlen, Head Football Coach
West Virginia University




Keith Matheny:
Mentalist & Motivational Speaker







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