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Jack McCall, CSP

  • Motivational Humorist
  • Professional Speaker
  • Graduate School of Banking
  • Disc Jockey, Livestock Auctioneer, Marketing Specialist, and Banker
  • Making Your Life Count
  • The Challenge of Change
  • Rekindling the Fire When You Are Down to a Pilot Light
  • Life : The Great Balancing Act
Jack McCall helps businesses and individuals perform more effectively in a world marked by constant pressure and accelerated change. His insights are penetrating and his style is refreshingly entertaining. Jack's skill for getting to the heart of the matter is uncanny. His humor is crisp and clean and he never creates laughter at the expense of his audience.

Once in a long while, a speaker comes along whom you simply must hear.  A master weaver of humor and substance, Jack McCall, brings to the platform a rare combination of energy, insight and approachability.  In each presentation, Jack takes his audience on a journey of discovery and re-discovery.  Whether he is addressing the issue of a changing world and workplace, the risk and rewards of personal development or the magic of motivation, Jack showcases results-producing techniques, captivating stories and tasteful humor in every presentation.

  • Jack deals with the attributes, skills and strategies of those who not only survive, but thrive in today's environment of change.
  • The secrets of secrets of achieving and maintaining a finely honed edge. In a time when you can't work harder - work smarter.
  • He covers goal setting and fine tuning your attitude to understanding and appreciating the wonderful power of influence in his humorous approach to s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g one's self.
  • Discover the common denominators of those fortunate few, the Unusually Successful People that have their own definition of success.
  • Explore the Motivations, Attitudes, Techniques, Changes and Help needed to recapture a passion for living:  the Mental Fuel to keep the fire burning!

Audiences appreciate his unique ability to translate proven business concepts into user-friendly tools and ideas that can easily be applied to the workplace and everyday life.

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Making Your Life Count

  • In a world where the rules seem to be constantly changing, it is easy to get caught up in the speed of life. We seem to be overwhelmed with emerging technologies, changing populations, and jam-packed schedules. Through the perplexity of it all, one of lifešs great questions will invariably rise to the surface: How can I make my life count?

    In this presentation, Jack McCall will share ideas and insights on what it takes to live a life of impact. Audience members will laugh and learn as Jack shares a step by step game plan on how to make your life really count.

The Challenge of Change

  • What are the skills, life strategies, and support systems that one must develop and maintain not only to survive but to thrive in todayšs environment of accelerated change?

    The Challenge of Change deals with the concepts of firm foundations, evolving support networks, strong relationships and a commitment to combine renewed flexibility with elastic imaginations.

    In this presentation, Jack challenges us to think courageously, as we consider the risks and opportunities encountered in an ever-changing world.

    Let the winds of change blow as we laugh and learn about living well and working with less stress in the 21st century.

Rekindling the Fire When You Are Down to a Pilot Light

  • Sprinkled with heart-warming stories to spark your audience's imagination.

    Sometimes the pressures of modern living can take the wind right out of your sails and often times we feel the fires of our enthusiasm burning low.

    The demands of a faster-paced life style, work environments marked by accelerating changes, and the constant challenge to accomplish more with less have a way of wearing us down.

    In this presentation, Jack will teach us how to rediscover our truest sources of motivation, reassess current positions and recharge our batteries. Along the way, he will also show us how to recapture the magic of laughter.

Life : The Great Balancing Act

  • As the pace of life quickens, keeping lifešs issues in balance and in perspective becomes one of our greatest challenges. A lack of life balance affects our capacity to enjoy our time on planet earth.

    In this presentation Jack explores the critical areas of our lives: work, play, love and worship; and how each is directly linked to our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

    Hang on! A sense of humor is required for this course.


"You did a superb job and I think the standing ovation given you at the end of your address exemplified the feelings of those present."

Tommy Martin
Mutual of New York

"Your comments were motivational, humorous, inspirational and educational - we could not have asked for more."

M. Ruth Henderson
University of Tennessee


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