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Eileen McDargh, Leadership, Change, Life/Work Balance

Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE

  • Public Relations Council
  • "Educator of the Year"
  • Director of Communications
  • Author & Business Journal Writer


  • Three Dimensional Leadership for the New Millennium
  • Navigating the Rapids of Change:  Thinking Ourselves New
  • Work for a Living and Still be Free to Live
Eileen McDargh draws from practical business know-how, life's experiences, and over two decades of consulting to national and international organizations.  Content, humor, interaction and authenticity hallmark her programs. Her ability to connect with mind, heart and spirit makes her one of the most sought-after keynoters in North America.

As president of her own company since 1980, Eileen McDargh has wowed audiences from Canada to Malaysia and calmed frantic brokers on Wall Street.   Whether working with drill foremen from the Arctic, corporate execs-in-the-trenches, or spinal cord injury nurses, Eileen brings much to think about, talk about and laugh about.

  • Competition demands it.  The future needs it.  Organizations must spark it.  It is not enough to involve mind and body.  One must also tap into the creative energy of everyone.  Eileen's presentation explores how to engage energy in the workplace from the "inside out."  Innovative companies have discovered how to grow the talents of their most precious software by engaging the "mindware."  by understanding what it takes to transform environments and relationships, performance grows, people thrive .. and stay!
  • Successful organizations and individuals continually hone thinking and self-management skills in order to survive in rapidly changing times.  Learn the skills of being a resilient navigator and discover the critical questions we must ask in order to stay ahead of tomorrow and run the rapids of change.  Explore a Mastery Model designed to assist in uncovering areas of resistance and expanding areas of growth and potential.
Life/Work Balance:
  • How does one work smarter and live happier?  From senior executives with fortune 100 companies to frontline employees, this issue appears as the key differential in the changing natures of America's workforce.   Learn why traditional models of balance don't work.  Discover how to conduct you own "CAT" scan of life, how to sail within the five critical areas of living, and how to create your own action plan for juggling the demands of a fast-paced world.
Eileen McDargh's facilitated retreats and workshops:
  • Surviving & Thriving with Difficult People
  • Teambuilding from the Ground Up
  • Understanding Communication Behaviors:  Upping the E-Quotient
  • Framing Sales Messages That Work!
"With 400 plus accomplished business and political professionals from more that a dozen countries, simultaneous translation into four languages, and the final day of a long conference -- you really delivered.  Even our toughest critics were bowled over; one member told me you were our best speaker in 30 years."

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