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Mike McKinley, Tools for Tomorrow

Michael McKinley, CSP, CPAE

  • Business Entrepreneur
  • Publisher:  Thinking Publications
  • President:  Retail/Manufacturing Company
  • Cancer Survivor


  • Teamwork - Making Music from the Same Song Sheet
  • Motivation - Wait Until You're Dead Before You Die!
  • Change - Change Was Changed Before It Was Changed!
  • Management - SuperVISION ... Becoming a Resource to Your People!
  • Customers - If It Weren't for those Darn customers, We could Get Our Work Done Around Here!
  • Balance - The Great Balancing Act -- Work and Home!
Mike McKinley consistently gets rave reviews for his upbeat style.   For more than 20 years, meeting planners have hired him for the fun and paid him for the content.  Mike believes if he can get his audiences laughing, he can get them learning.  His fun-loving delivery carries a serious message that fits the unique needs of each audience.

Mike delivers:

  • Lasting Results
  • One-of-a-kind programs that use unique graphics
  • Practical, easy-to-implement business strategies
  • humorous, interactive content
  • Attention to detail before, during, and after presentations

In addition, Mike's expertise in room setup and audio-visual equipment has rescued numerous meeting planners from near-disaster situation.

Mike McKinley became an entrepreneur early when at age 15 started his own garbage-hauling business.  He earned his business administration degree and was president of a retail and manufacturing company before beginning his professional speaking business in 1982.. He and his wife also own "Thinking Publications." a publishing company specializing in books, software, and other resources for speech-language pathologists.  In 1995, Mike was named outstanding university alumnus by his university despite life-ling dyslexia. While in is mid-30s, he was told he had 6 months to live due to cancer.  When he tells his audiences he's glad to be with them, he means it!

Mike earned the CSP, Certified Speaking Professional from the National speakers Association and in 1992 was named to the Speaker Hall of Fame and awarded CPAE status.   The "Council of Peers Award of Excellence" is awarded by the national association to a maximum of 5 speakers each year to members who have reached the highest levels of the speaking profession.


"I should be reluctant to tell other utilities about you, what with the impending competitive world we are all about step into: but the employees of all utilities deserve to hear what you have to say, and laugh a bit while doing so!  You were absolutely great.  Thank you!"

Devin Fowler
Safety Director, Training & Compliance
Dakota Electric Association

"I have been responsible for hundreds of meetings, conferences, seminars, and conventions over the past 20 years and have likely hired more than a hundred speakers.  I can't think of another speaker that is like Michael McKinley.  I certainly work with speakers who deliver a quality presentation that are reasonable to work with.  However, I often expect more that that, and Michael McKinley always delivers more that what I expect."

Rhoda Olson
Great Clips for hair


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