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David McNally, "Even Eagles Need A Push," Author and Motivational Speaker

David McNally

  • International Businessman
  • Best Selling Author
  • Film Producer
  • Professional Speaker
  • Even Eagles Need a Push
  • The Thriving Spirit
  • The Power of Purpose
David McNally brings to his work the benefits of a business career that has enabled him to study the motivations and aspirations of people all over the world.  David has discovered that there are significant, key elements that successful organizations and people share in common no matter their location or history. He is regarded as a leading authority on how organizations can enhance the performance and contribution oft their work force because of his real world experience, unique insights and practical solutions to contemporary business issues.

How Can David McNally Help?

Today, all over the world, millions of people are being forced out of limited professional and organizational roles, narrow national and cultural identities, and out of attachments to limited definitions of who they are and what they can be.  The are being pushed to grow, to mature, and to soar.  Each one of us needs to change how we see and interact with the world if we are to find success in it. It is this willingness to "personally restructure", that will make the extraordinary personal and professional opportunities that now appear on the horizon in6to everyday realities.


If life is to be more than mere existence, if we are to move from survivor to thriver, it will not be through chance or good luck, it will be because we purposefully sought to understand and learn about what, with ever increasing momentum, is transforming the world around us.

. . .  David McNally


Even Eagles Need A Push

  • David's book has currently sold over 200,000 copies and has received the highest praise as an outstanding motivational text.

The Power of Purpose

  • Produced by David McNally, the film is the story of Terry Fox and his epic marathon run across Canada.  It is a powerful motivational "classic."


  • A staff development program based on David's work to play a key role in preparing your employees for an ever more competitive and complex future.
"Our mission during our financial managers conference was to 'Unlock the Vision.'  Your message held two hundred people on the edge of their seats and exhibited to all of ;us that we are capable of much more when purpose and passion unite."

Robert L. Lumpkins
Vice Chairman & Chief Financial Officer
Cargill, Inc.


"Your presentation, Even Eagles Need a Push, was closely attuned to the personal values that we wish to instill in our employees.  Feedback has been unanimous in the audiences' praise and the feelings that they left your presentation with a lasting gift."

R.L. Burns
Director of Manufacturing
Harris Corporation



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