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Rick Metzger, CSP

  • Professional Athlete
  • Gold Metal Power Lifter
  • National FFA Alumni Association, Past President
  • Professional Speaker
  • BOOGIE - (Be Outstanding Or Get Involved Elsewhere)
  • Me A Leader?  What Next?"(workshop)
  • Drink - Steal - Swear - Lie
  • In Case Of Fire - Yell FIRE!
  • Gold Medals Don't Make Champs

Rick Metzger comes straight from the farmland  -- a large and powerful man who shares a spirited message of self-esteem and potential. Rick's genuine, down-home style comes from 19 years on the family farm and a background in farm supply and garden wholesale. Based on his "farm" upbringing, he brings a wholesome message that challenges others to be their best.

Rick's programs overflow with enthusiasm, heart and soul -- and his warmth and humor carry the message through to both adults and youth. Rick's goal with teens is to help them believe in themselves. Compelling stories, personal experiences, and lots of fun are just a few techniques he uses to get his message across. His commitment to American youth is evident in his involvement with FFA (Future Farmers of America) and the National Council for Vocational & Technical Education in Agriculture. He is a retired professional athlete, a power lifter with two recent gold medals from the World Cup of Powerlifting, and a high school athletic coach. Having worked closely with teens, he understands their uniqueness and knows how to relate.

Rick will tailor his presentation to meet your needs. He modifies programs to contain up to 80% humor, always designed to entertain, not to embarrass. Upon request, his presentation can be more serious. Because of his love for life and people, Rick is dedicated to challenging himself and others to be their best.

Rick sums it all up best by saying ...

"I can't promise you that you'll be any smarter or get any richer after you hear me ... but you'll sure feel better about yourself!"

BOOGIE - (Be Outstanding Or Get Involved Elsewhere)

  • Geared toward youths. This high-energy presentation is a "How to..." program. It helps youth to understand and deal with peer pressure, how to build and maintain self-esteem, how to set and achieve goals and how to stay positive around negative people. Utilizing humor and audience participation, Rick gets everyone involved. This is a great program for school assemblies and leadership conferences.

Me A Leader?  What Next?"(workshop)

  • A three hour workshop for student leaders. This workshop consist of 80% hands on learning about communication, conflict resolution, team building, and the understanding of how personality and attitude effects their daily lives.
Drink - Steal - Swear - Lie
  • The four rules of success! A tremendous keynote for organizational meetings and conventions. Rick will encourage participants to: Drink - from the fountain of happiness, Steal - a little time to do an act of kindness, Swear -to live your life to the fullest, and Lie -down each night and thank God for our freedoms and the opportunity to follow our dreams.
In Case Of Fire - Yell FIRE!
  • We can all make a difference if we just let others know we can. This presentation contains 70% humor with a message and is guaranteed to be a positive, fun, motivational, and uplifting program for any group.


"Rick made me laugh so hard, I thought I would truly burst . . . I like humor
. . . with a positive message . . . he was so big and strong, I was afraid not to laugh when he looked at me . . . inspirational success story.

David C. Lucy
Executive Vice President
Mid-America Equipment Retailers Association

"Your message is inclusive, sensitive, well-informed and delivered to the students with an interactivity and appeal that is tremendously effective."

Thomas A. Hausterman
Loveland High School

"I liked your style, enthusiasm, and energy; all necessary for speaking to our group at the end of a long day.  For the third year you were our highest rated speaker -- 4.9 on a 1-5 basis.  Rick, plan on being here next year."

Gary Weness
Member Education
Land O'Lakes, Inc.


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