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Susan Miller

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Could your group use a jolt of positive energy?

Susan Miller re-energizes people to do and be their best and helps them communicate and connect more powerfully with others.  Whether it’s for one hour or one day, people leave Susan’s programs feeling good about themselves, recommitted to their goals and eager to practice the skills they’ve learned when they return to the “real world”.

Negative attitudes, stress and poor communication can lead to low morale, reduced productivity, and burnout in any organization....including yours!

Author, professional speaker and seminar leader
Susan Miller has been helping create low stress, high energy workplaces for over a decade

Susan's Keynotes and Seminars:


Reduce workplace stress and burnout


Increase enthusiasm and job satisfaction


Improve employee communication, productivity 
and teamwork


Enhance customer service

Susan's Audiences:


Are engaged and laughing within the first ten seconds of her program


Learn practical tips and fresh ideas they can
use right away


Get motivated, educated and inspired

A former teacher, government manager, small business owner and one-time-only bungee-jumper, Susan Miller has captivated audiences in six countries and thirty-nine states from Akron (Ohio) to Auckland (New Zealand).

Susan's message and her practical tips on "How to Get and Stay in The Positive Zone" make her a guaranteed hit with Healthcare, Education, Sales, Government, Finance, Business and  Women's Groups.   


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Susan Miller Video Clip # 1   |   Susan Miller Video Clip #2

(Each can be a Keynote, Breakout, half or full-day Workshop)

Each topic is available as a 30 to 90 minute Keynote Speech or Break-out and "customer-ized" for the specific audience such as, Healthcare, Government, Education, Sales, Business, Manufacturing or Women's Groups. 

Susan can tie her message of  Working in The Positive Zone into Leadership, Change, Customer Service, Life Balance or Aging issues, because they each require The Positive Zone's Three "R's":  Responsibility, Resilience and Recognition.

All levels of employees, including managers, support staff and CEO's, can relate to and benefit from Susan's powerful message.

Each program is loaded with laughs and audience interaction because Susan believes we learn BEST when we're laughing and involved.  And each attendee receives a hand-out and/or motivational "keeper-card."

Possible speech titles:


"How to Get (and Stay!)
in The Positive Zone"

Would you like your day to start out great and then get better? Do you ever find it difficult to maintain a positive attitude around the “Rise and Whiners” in your life?  Well, cheer up, because It's (Susan) Miller Time!  In this fast-paced, funny and inspirational program, Susan reveals how the Three “R’s” (Responsibility, Resilience and Recognition) will help you Stay Positive for less stress and more self confidence and job satisfaction.  You will learn:

  • How to S.T.A.R.T. your day and Stay Positive when dealing with difficult people, tough times or tiresome tasks

  • How to banish negative thoughts and self-doubts that keep you from getting what you want

  • The one word that will help you bounce-back from set-backs

  • How to tap into the "Power of Positive Expectancy"

This program makes a perfect conference opener or closer. Susan gets the audience involved and laughing in the first ten seconds!



"Powerful Connections"
(or: "Why Can't You Hear What I'm Not Saying!?")

Are your communication skills holding you back? Do you have the tools to make a strong first impression? Power up your image, message and delivery with this fun, highly-interactive and content-packed program that shows you how to:

  • Use the "3 V's" to eliminate "mixed messages"
  • Enhance your charisma with active listening skills
  • Ask for what you need--and get it
  • Eliminate credibility-robbing speech habits, gestures and words
"Dealing With Difficult People"
(When Murder is NOT an Option!)

From "neg-a-holics" and "steam rollers" to the "overly sensitives." it's difficult yet vital to make every interaction with a difficult person a win-win. Learn:

  • How to give feed-back to anyone without them becoming angry, defensive or resentful
  • The four basic personality styles and how they affect how you deal with everyone
  • The easy way to handle hostile criticism of you!
  • The secret to bringing out the best in all types of people

Especially for

"Lighting The Fire"

Presented by a former teacher with a Masters degree in Education and a “B.A. in Burn-Out,”  this fun and motivational program gives educators the appreciation they deserve. William Butler Yeats said, "Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire.” Susan reveals how the Three “R’s” (Responsibility, Resilience and Recognition) can help educators light a fire and stay fired up for less stress and more job satisfaction.  You will learn:

  • How to turn your school or classroom  into a Positive Zone where "Rise and Whiners" are NOT allowed!

  • Fun and insightful exercises you can use with students and staff

  • How to regain the original love and enthusiasm you brought to your job

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"What can I say?  You were GREAT!  You made me look like a genius for hiring you!"

Dan Hall
General Electric

"Susan was a huge hit with our 2003 convention attendees and her enthusiasm was just infectious! She really connected with the audience of over 800 people and was a joy and pleasure to work with."

Angela Webb
Tennessee Healthcare Association

"Susan Miller, You are one fantastic, outstanding speaker.
I have attended many seminars but have not heard anyone as superb as you."

Lydia Parrinello,
City of Bayswater
Perth, Western Australia

"Susan Miller makes the Energizer Bunny look like it's napping!"

Karen Williams, Senior Vice-President
Louisville and Jefferson County
Convention and Visitors Bureau
Louisville, KY

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