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Steve Moroski, Professional Speaker - Stay motivated, positive, and excited

Steve Moroski

  • Teacher - Sales & Marketing
  • Triathlete - Marathon Runner
  • 1996 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony
  • Professional Speaker
Signature Topic:
  • Stay Hungry:  
         Hunger to learn - Hunger to grow - Hunger to live

Steve Moroski is pure energy.  See it - Hear it - Feel it!
Energy is the difference between a lecture and an event.  It's passion, excitement and emotion.  It's the experience of feeling a message, not simply listening to it, but living it.  As a marathon runner and outdoor adventurer, Steve believes life is about taking action and dreaming hard.

Steve Moroski is about dreams - About heart - About the possibility!
Content is audience specific, up-to-the-second information that can be integrated into your life immediately - not in a week, not tomorrow, not after you buy the book, but right then and right there.

Steve probes to the depths of each participants' thoughts and senses.  Through a powerful combination of intense preparation, strategic skills and inspiration, he teaches how to develop and maintain energy, direction and a positive human spirit everyday.   People come away from his keynotes, customized workshops and weekend retreats energized, ready to take control of their dreams and translate personal goals into career triumphs.

Signature Topic:  Stay Hungry
  • Hunger is the most primal need of mankind. This most basic need drives us to accomplish seemingly impossible feats.  Steve will show you how to get hungry and stay hungry.   You will learn where to find motivation - where to look within yourself - where to look in you environment.  This program is loaded with well researched concepts, tools and strategies that will show you how to be positive, motivated and excited every single day - regardless of what is happening around you.  You will receive personal and professional achievement solutions and leave with a new sense of focus, energy and renewal.
"Steve Morose is one of the hottest speakers in the country.   His energy will literally blow you away and his content-loaded topics will stretch your sense of possibility.  He is a true professional."

Jim Whining, Ph.D., CSP, CPAE
Past President
National Speakers Association

"You really have energy and mastery of the subject matter!   I really like the personal experiences and group involvement to keep participation high.  You exceeded my expectations!."

Floyd Cross
Lucent Technologies


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