Jenny Nolen

To say that Jenny Nolen is contagious is an understatement. She is enthusiasm personified! As a very unconventional Presenter, Jenny will go to any lengths to make sure her audience is relaxed, has fun, and is ready to learn and retain! If it is using props, singing songs, music, poetry or magic, your attendees will leave not only having laughed a lot, they will also have valuable lessons in wit, wisdom and wonder.

Known as Alabama's FUNNIEST LADY, Jenny Nolen has been in the National Spotlight as an Entertainer, Speaker, and Trainer for well over a quarter of a century. She is an absolute must for any group looking to strengthen its team capabilities, overcome issues of Stress and Negativity, and create a new vision for Leadership.

Jenny Nolen is a very adaptable and creative speaker. If there is nothing listed in this catalog of courses, she will be happy to customize and event just for you. CEU'S are available upon request.

Jenny Nolen's Presentations:

Humor in the Workplace
Overcoming Negativity
The Seven L's of Learning and Leadership
How To Be Up in a Down World

Life is Not a Stress Rehearsal
Effective Communication
Customer Service
Principles of the DISC Behavioral Assessment



Would you rather have a colonoscopy than go to work? Would it be easier to bag fog than to get yourself back to the office? Have you lost the joy and excitement you once felt going to a "new" job? There’s hope!

This fun and interactive workshop looks at the physical and psychological benefits of laughter at work. Learn how to manage negative emotions at work, and rekindle a Spirit of Optimism. We will explore using humor as a coping mechanism, refocus negative self-talk, and get in touch with that wonderful child within.

How serious can we be about humor in the workplace, and how humorous can we be about the seriousness we often find there? According to an international survey, only 15% of workers are fired because of lack of competence. The remaining 85% are let go because of their inability to get along with fellow employees. When asked about the qualities of an effective employee, senior administrators and human relations personnel check humor as one of the choice attributes of a desired employee. Wonder why? The simple answer is that humor is our greatest asset in personal and professional growth. In this fun and interactive workshop participants will:

  • Discuss the physical and psychological benefits of humor at work.
  • Explore using Humor as an effective tool in communication.
  • Discover humor in everyday places.
  • Dissect the true meaning of Optimism.
  • Define Re-framing a Situation.
  • Route how thoughts, feelings and beliefs drive attitude and actions.
  • Engage that inner child as a Life Management Partner.
  • Strategies for Creating a Positive Workplace

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Statistics tell us that 78% of conversation daily is negative. (Good Grief). Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

Come and meet the hysterically funny NEGATIVE NELDA! As a whining, complaining, pessimistic ol’ gal, she will help you see and hear the personification of Negativity. Truth is she may even help you see that self defeating behavior in yourself and ultimately give you some tools to deal with it. Guaranteed to improve the attitude... maybe even your sex life. Ok, I was kidding about that last part, but who knows?

  • Understand Negativity and its causes
  • The high cost of Negativity in the work place: turnover, lack of trust, burnout, and lethargy.
  • Explore the many disguises of Negativity: Blamers, Chronic Complainers, Nasty-Nicers Yes But-ers, Whiners, Procrastinators, and many more!
  • Clearly define Pessimism and Optimism
  • Learn how to replace Negative self talk with positive affirmation.
  • Explore the affects of attitude
  • Discuss the importance of Humor in every situation
  • Define Re-framing: Getting a new Perspective
  • Acknowledge the power of THANKFULNESS AND GRATITUDE
  • Empower and Energize attendees to bring about change in their own lives.

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Jenny strongly believes in order to be an effective leader you much master a certain skill set, most importantly the ability to laugh at yourself even in adversity. Peppered with personal life stories, she will guide you through a self assessment of your leadership skills and bring you back to a place of re-commitment. What are those seven lessons in Leadership and Living?


  1. LOOK: Break away from the dullness of AUTO-PILOT Living. Learn how to focus on the present and re-energize your hopes, dreams, and desires.
  2. LISTEN: Become an engaged listener. Hear other people’s desires, hopes and dreams.
  3. LEARN: Revisit the joy of doing new things, taking challenges, accomplishing those things long set aside.
  4. LAUGH: Having humor in your life is your single greatest asset. The ability to laugh, particularly at yourself, will keep you young, happy and healthy.
  5. LEAN: Re-evaluate the importance of delegation. It is far more effective to work as a Team, than to be an individual hero.
  6. LET-GO: The best way to let go of a negative situation is to quit visiting it over and over again. It is not only un-productive, it robs you of your present moment, joy, and energy.
  7. LOVE: As the song’s what the world needs now! We will close this session with words of encouragement, and hope they will ignite you to start anew on your own personal mission

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If the world has ever seemed like it was turned up-side down to you this workshop will make perfect sense. The daily grind of routine can find you in a joy-less rut. Problem is, over time a rut will become a grave. Learn how to start the renewal process with your own attitude makeover! Happiness really is a choice, OUR choice. This work shop will help you learn how to change behavior that has left you feeling "less than". Being UP is a choice... you can do it. You really can!

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Have you ever felt that your hair was on fire? Ever robbed Peter to pay Paul? Ever felt like you were in the dryer with a pair of tennis shoes? Ever felt like the little man at the circus whose job was to keep those pie pans spinning? Wake up Baby... snap out of it!! This very humorous presentation will take an in depth approach to stress: what is, how it happens, how it robs us of our joy! We will explore stress management techniques, maximize the positive effect of laughter, and lean how to re-frame stressful situations.


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"I heard what you said, but what did you really mean?" Has anyone ever said something to you that went right over your head? Ever heard of the man who said, "My wife told me I do not listen to her, or..uhm...something like that!"?

In this dead on discussion of personality styles, based on the DISC profile, we will unravel the mystery of understanding what is actually said between the lines. Understanding that only 7% of communication is achieved with words, we will look at the message we are sending, or at least thought we were. Guaranteed great fun as well as downright usable!

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Ever heard your employees disgruntling saying, "Oh NOOOOOO! NOT ANOTHER CUSTOMER!!!! ?" That alone is a nail in any business coffin. Here is a fundamental truth: Customer equals paycheck. Pretty simple. However, is the public always right?

This interactive session looks at ways to improve overall customer relationships, particularly with angry and difficult customers.

The Importance of Being an Effective Communicator: Serving Internal and External Customers

The success of a business is based to a large extent on the people skills of its employees. The purpose of this one-day seminar is to improve the company’s business relationships through the skills of interpersonal communication with internal and external customers. Participants will gain a perspective of service excellence from the customers’ point of view when conducting business transactions both in person and via telephone. Using class discussion and interactive exercises, they develop skills for dealing with internal and external customers in a variety of recurring scenarios including technical support, answering questions, and giving information. The skills learned in this program serve to enhance the performance of the all employees who interact with fellow employees and customers resulting in reduced stress, more efficient utilization of transaction time, and improved customer satisfaction. The course will cover area such as: knowing what customers expect, assessing the ‘personality types’ of customers, how to control problem situations, creating a ‘positive image’ for customers, effective phone and e-mail communications. Learning outcomes in this program include:

  • The blueprint of effective communication
  • What your customers expect
  • Creating positive customer experiences by using the appropriate communication style
  • Handling all customer transactions professionally and efficiently
  • The five basic strategies for handling stressful customer situations

This first time course, or as refresher is guaranteed to bring a new perspective!

Workshops vary in length from 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours.
Keynotes and entertainment: 45 minutes to one hour

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Jenny NolenAlmost without exception, successful individuals have one thing in common: they know themselves. Knowledge is indeed power, especially when you learn to recognize the patterns of behavior not only in yourself, but in others!

The DISC profile is a tried and proven assessment of an individuals behavioral tendency. It takes into consideration a variety of ways we communicate: words we use, the posture we take, facial expressional and tone of voice, to name a few.

All four behavioral styles: DOMINANT, INFLUENCING, STEADY AND COMPLIANT will be defined and explained.


  • Dominant Professional
  • Influential Professional
  • Steady Professional
  • Compliant Professional
  • "Success" is spelled A-D-A-P-T



The "Workplace Enrichment Series" is to assist in developing your workforce from the inside out. This series of courses will develop and promote skills needed for coping with and managing some of the forces that impact individuals both on and off the work-site.




Jenny Nolen on Humor





"Light, positive, humorous, and very informative;  enjoyed by everyone who attended.  You have the gift of communication, and since you were here many of your suggestions have been put in practice."

Carol Newton
Cracker Barrel #48
Elizabethtown, KY




"Your presentation was all that you promised it would be, and much more.  The comments from the participants were overwhelmingly positive."

Denise A. Colman,
Virginia Association for Hospices























































































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