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Patrick O'Dooley

Patrick O'Dooley

  • Successful Businessman
  • Pilot & Military Officer
  • College Athlete
  • One Down and the B.E.S.T. to Go !
  • How to Take the Cuss out of Customer Service!
  • 8 - 1/2 Ways to Increase Sales !
Patrick O'Dooley's goal every time he speaks is to make the meeting planner look good by giving his audiences more than they expect.  Because of his unique style -- a blend of human excitement and information, custom-tailored for each organization with his pre-preprogram questionnaire,, O'Dooley has set himself apart from a crowded field of competitors.

Since Patrick became a full-time speaker in 1980, he has spoken over 2,000 times to corporations and associations in all 50 states and seven foreign nations.

From his background as a college athlete, military officer and pilot, to his very successful years in business with IBM and Steelcase, he brings specific "how-to's" to his audiences that they can relate to and start using immediately.

Team Building:
  • This unique 1-3 day seminar is custom designed to help executive work groups or peers enhance their efficiency in communications and team building.  You come away feeling tremendous with specific tools to stay that way and your team will be more effective.
"Your program was tremendous!  Your ability to motivate us to give great customer service and to be our B.E.S.T. goes with our own American Airlines philosophy to be #1."

George L. Mueller
V.P., Customer Service
American Airlines

"You certainly did a great job at our sales conference, and I want to thank you for helping make our meeting a success.  It's always nice to deal with people like you because you are successful and understand sales people."

Roy F. Cheatham
Employers National Life Insurance company


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